Evan Williams

Evan is the Wine Director and co-founder of The Wine Guild. He tastes thousands of wines a year and recommends his favorites. A lover of Burgundy and the Loire Valley, he also crushes a significant amount of Italian and California wines.



Stephanie Williams

A co-founder of the Guild, Stephanie has worked behind the scenes since the Guild's inception to keep everything running smoothly. The architect behind several notable local restaurants and wineries in Charlottesville, she also took her passion for local food to a new level when she founded La Vache Microcreamery in 2013. Stephanie tastes dozens of wines every week, many of which you can find on the Guild's retail shelves or in Evan's email offers.



Ryder Kenerson

Ryder has traveled and tasted throughout Napa, Sonoma, Washington, Arizona and of course,Virginia. His European travels have taken him to Bordeaux, Spain, Veneto, and Trentino Alto-Adige. He prefers wines that are “rich, muscular, full-bodied, complex and ethereal”. His picks will usually be from the New World, but also some bolder international selections.


Priscilla Martin Curley

Priscilla is the Wine Director of Tavola restaurant and a certified sommelier.  A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Priscilla began her wine career with the BOKA group in Chicago.  She is an expert on Italian wine, specifically the little-known, indigenous varietals.


Will Curley

Before running the Guild, Will was the General Manager and Wine Director at the award-winning Brasserie Saison in Charlottesville.  He got his start with wine in Chicago, with a stop at the James Beard Award-winning The Purple Pig. Will has a deep love of cool-climate Nebbiolo, fine Burgundy, and cheap Pinot Grigio.