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5 Ways To Buy From THE Wine Guild

1. Email alerts.

When we come across an outstanding wine (or an outstanding value) we alert our members via email.

2. Order at a tasting event.

Just write your name and the amount you want on the tasting sheet and hand it to one of the staff. You can pick up your wine in a week or two.

3. Order a specific wine.

Did you drink something great at a restaurant? On vacation? At a friend’s house? We can probably get it for you…for 20% less. Just ask.

4. Ask for a recommendation.

Need help planning your next dinner party? Want to find that perfect bottle for your next special occasion? Our sommeliers are happy to make a recommendation.

5. Buy what’s in stock.

Our shop has a tightly curated selection of wines, beers and specialty foods on hand. 


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