Watermelon Juice / We'd Like To Say Hi

Hi! We’re Priscilla and Will Curley - we’re excited to announce that we’re taking over Guild operations from Michael and George. We are honored to get a chance to join the team with Stephanie, Evan and Ryder -- we’ve been in town for a little under three years and have fallen in love with the Guild, the community, and the area in general.

We are both classically trained somms with different regional strengths - Priscilla leans more Italian, Will a bit more French. We’ve watched with jealousy from afar as Stephanie, Ryder, and Evan brought you their favorite wines, and we’re excited to share ours! So, without further fanfare:

Rosemont of Virginia Sparkling Rose

It’s Chambourcin.

Do NOT look at me like that.

Rosemont manages to highlight complexities to Chambourcin previously unknown to us while at the same time taming the stereotypical ‘fox’ notes that we still associate with anything that isn’t vinifera.  They craft a complex and clean sparkling wine that I’d swap out for a rose prosecco without a second thought.  

This delightful aperitif wine jumps out with intense fruit & spice notes - a generous hit of juicy strawberries & watermelon with a touch of plum skin tannin.  Once we dive past the fruit, pink peppercorns and cardamom jump to the fore and add a nice spicy complexity.

As these intense springtime fruits come crashing into your palette, the ripe, lush body is cleaned out and refreshed by the mouthwatering acidity. It is truly a wine that can be drunk all day, is able to stand up to a variety of dishes, and will pair especially well with early-season vegetables and any sort of pork. It's unpretentious, exactly what it should be -- sparkling Chambourcin full of terroir, showing excellent winemaking, with so much complexity that we just had to show it as our first offer. 

The Roses are frequent visitors to Charlottesville, and getting the chance to talk to Justin about the challenges and the rewards of growing grapes in such an inhospitable climate is both enlightening and informative. They make no apologies for growing hybrids (nor should they, they’re some of the leading hybrid growers on the east coast - go ahead and ask me about the naturally fermented, unfiltered Traminette we had at the winery that was a dead ringer for ripe vintage Pouilly-Fume!) We’ll try to set up a tasting with more of their wines at the shop in the coming months.  

The first time we had this wine, we were sitting in their vineyard, Justin Rose’s dad was making Brunswick stew and had just slow smoked a hog, the sky was blue, the vineyard was in full leaf, the weather was perfect...and we were in heaven. They served this wine, not ever having been bottled before, out of plastic beer pitchers and, at a table of the East Coast’s top wine professionals, surrounded by their award winning lineup of wines, this was the most consumed and the most beloved. We couldn’t get enough.  

I say this not to brag about the company we kept, or the trip, but to rather re-emphasize the point that we all know deep down, and what caused us to fall in love with glorified grape juice in the first place -- the food you’re eating, the people, the moment, the memory, they matter.

We bring you this wine as our first offer as a way of introducing ourselves. While we love well-known grape varietals and classic regions, we also believe that great wine can come from anywhere. We’ll be sure to bring you plenty of the more traditional wine offers, but let’s for a moment appreciate the season we’re in, celebrate the end of winter, and drink a few too many bottles of something fun. Open a bottle, fire up the grill, and enjoy life.

Thanks for having us - we’re excited to be here!

Rosemont of Virginia Sparkling Rose
Members: $15.99 ||  Non-Members: $19.99

Will Curley