Monday Night Bubbles

By Evan Williams

A Monday night offer?! Yeah, but it couldn't wait. This will be quick, painless, and then you can just order and thank me later:

Last week, my wife (and fellow Guild founder/superstar) Steph was at an unrelated meeting, and a wine rep stopped by and interrupted things. She tasted a killer new Cava. I got a text from her. We bought a bunch. I love it too. Like, a lot.

This is the Perelada Brut Reserva Cava. A wine that should be literally twice its price, at a bare minimum. It is the perfect bubbly for a Monday night (which is what we did tonight): fantastically inexpensive, but punching wayyyy above its weight class, and refreshing without being "dumb".

At first, it hits you like Champagne, in that it has an elegant complexity and yeasty depth. This is buttressed by bright citrus and a very pronounced petrol phenolic character; as it warms up, this petrol facet becomes more evident, and almost reminds you of Riesling. The bubbles are tight and wispy, the acid is present but chill, and the entire experience puts you in a good place. And that, above all else, is what we should seek out in our bottles.

To get that for under $10 is almost unfair. We don't like to "undersell ourselves" here, but sometimes a wine is just too good not to share.

Happy Monday!

Perelada Brut Reserva Cava
Members: $9.59 ||  Non-Members: $11.99

Will Curley