Liters and Liters of Riesling

By The Wine Guild & Friends

Friends, a quick one for this afternoon.  Occasionally at the Guild, as in life, unexpected things happen, and you are either the kind of person (or Guild) that throws a tantrum, or you are the kind of Guild that pulls yourself up by the corkscrews and gets on with it. 

Well, after we threw a tantrum,  we decided to share a recent favorite of ours that has quickly claimed permanent real estate on the shelves at the shop. 

 Before we get to the wine, a brief disclaimer: we have a set number of cases, nine, among two vintages.  We've tasted both, and can say there's no difference in the freshness, the acidity, or the flavors.  Both vintages rock.  However, this is not a normal Guild offering, so it is incumbent on us to make mention. We won't prioritize one vintage or member over another; it's all delicious, and we love you all equally.

Koster-Wolf Riesling Trocken 2016 & 2017

As we enjoy Virginia's two-week-long Spring season, we must remember that it's about to get warm.  Very, very warm.  So, as you peel yourself off your lawn chair to get something to drink, make it this: A dry, citrusy German Riesling with screaming acidity, in a bottle big enough that you don't have to get up all that often.

If you've been in the shop in the last few weeks, Will has undoubtedly tried to push this wine on you, and we've reached out to some members and some highly regarded wine professionals and friends of the Guild to get their (anonymous, for legal purposes) takes on this wine.  Please see below:

"Like lighting bolts on your tongue, if your tongue was also made of chalk"

"The acidity is so refreshing it's like jumping through a sprinkler on an August day"

"The acid is what I imagine licking a 9v battery is like, in a good way"

"I've tried drinking this instead of water as I work outside.  It worked"

"1 Liter, 1 of me.  Do the math"


We're not sure what else there is to say about this wine that hasn't been said by our friends above.  This wine is drinkable, refreshing, a steal at the price, and now Will is going to have to start recommending something else.  Cheers!

-The Guild Team

Will Curley