I know it's August, but this might be the Bordeaux deal of the year...

By Evan Williams

Delicious value-oriented Bordeaux seems to be more and more difficult to come by these days. Perhaps it's the warmer weather and its resultant string of great vintages, or the lack of global recessions - likely, it's both - but either way, I sure miss those halcyon days of ~2010 where distributors were almost begging us to take this stuff off their hands for barely above laid-in cost.

Well, this wine - the 2015 Chateau Lyonnat Lussac-Saint-Emilion - has me feeling mighty nostalgic, not just because it's been a favorite of mine for years, but because they just dropped the price significantly. Feels like 2010 all over again!

The wine itself is, above all else, a very classically-styled, rustic, fruit-forward Bordeaux (i.e. my favorite!) It's 85% Merlot (the case with much of Saint-Emilion), with the remaining fruit being Cab Sauv and Cab Franc. In the glass, it gracefully leaps to your nose with vanilla, cherry cola, new wood, old wood, tea leaves, and pipe tobacco.

Beyond the individual parts, though, you can tell right away that this wine is a coherent assemblage of its parts: excellent depth, poise, grace, intensity, and balance. While the bright fruit bursts across your palate, the rustic, spicy, woodsy, stony pieces remind you that this is definitely an old-world gem. The complexity is just plain fun, while the balance and intensity are pleasantly comforting. And while this is a killer bottle on its own, it also has the structure and balance to hold up to plenty of dishes. The tannic grip and zippy acid also tell me this wine has another ~five years of development in your cellar, if you care to wait.

Now, as for the price: this bottle normally retails around $25, putting the Guild Member price at about $21 (which was still a great price - I was actually planning on sending out an offer at that cost!). However, due to some, shall we say, industry drama, it's now coming to us at $16+change. Ah, nostalgia!

Like the subject line says, at this price, this may just be the Bordeaux deal of the year. It's already a pretty popular item (for good reason; see above), but with a promo deal like this, I don't expect stock to last long (in other words, stock up now...don't count on being able to reorder later!) Okay, now you can click that order button.

Chateau Lyonnat Lussac-Saint-Emilion 2015
Members: $16.80 ||  Non-Members: $21.00

Will Curley