Okay, you can finally stop asking about the Rosés!

By Evan Williams

  • What it is: Oh, just the most iconic rosé duo in Guild history. 

  • Why you need it: It should be self-evident, but in case it isn't: these are pretty much the official rosés of the Guild by now. We do this every year, because every year, these wines absolutely slay. It really should be automatic at this point. 

"When are the rosés coming in?" We've heard this question plenty in the past few weeks, and we know what you're referring to even before you have a chance to elaborate. I mean, it's the same every year, and with spring in full swing, everyone is getting the itch for some gulpable pink wine (myself included). Well, here's your cue to stock up! 

If you need a primer on the Petite Balthazar and Dragon rosés, check out my writeup from a couple years back. Of course, these wines are nothing if not consistent, so those descriptors are still very accurate. For the vast majority of you, though, I'm sure these wines need no introduction...so let's officially ring in the springtime! 

Le Petite Balthazar Rosé 2018
Members: $7.20 ||  Non-Members: $9.00

Domain du Dragon Grande Cuvee Rosé 2018
Members: $13.80 ||  Non-Members: $17.25

Will Curley