Find Your Comfort Zone

By Megan Hereford

I'm sure many of you are scratching your heads in wonderment thinking, “Wait, Megan only drinks wines from Spain, Portugal, and Italy”.  And while you wouldn’t be completely wrong, I do occasionally like to wander outside of my comfort zone. This is exactly what this wine (kind of) is.  My comfort zone in California. A dry, fruit forward, and refreshing rosé that completely represents the care in grape growing and winemaking that Quivira Winery embodies. 

This 2017 rosé is ready to drink right now.  Forget what you think you know about cheap (dare I say “grocery store”) rosé, don’t let the little bit of age frighten you, the excellent balance of this wine means it was made to last longer than a few months in bottle. This vintage was a stunner in the Dry Creek Valley due to the large swing between day and night time temperatures, allowing fruit to fully ripen yet retain exceptional natural acidity.  You will want to dive right in to this alluring salmon colored rosé that offers fresh strawberry aromas from the Grenache that are followed by notes of pomegranate and rhubarb. It is lush and deeply flavored with a long finish and that acidity, oh my! It ties it all up into one mouthwatering and juicy package. Try a little mid-week splurge and pair it with some fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits for dinner.

Quivira farms with a dedicated systematic approach to ensure the health and vitality of their vineyards.  Their commitment to sustainability in the vineyard revolves around cultivating bio-diversity, encouraging the growth of native flora and fauna, self-sustainability, and holistic farming. These practices are reflected in the style of winemaking that showcases not only the varietals but the also their origin.  Wine Creek Ranch Vineyard is the “home” vineyard of Quivira and it possesses a climate nearly identical to that of Provence: plenty of sunshine, warm summers, and mild winters. A classic mix of red Rhone varietals has been thoughtfully layered throughout the vineyard to provide the winemaking team with the perfect palette to craft this fine rosé.  

If any of you find yourselves wandering through the Sonoma Valley I suggest you stop in at Quivira and enjoy the wines, the friendly and knowledgeable tasting room staff, and beautiful views.  Take a wander around their charming (well marked, informative) gardens where they grow flowers, fruits, and veggies, and say hello to the resident chickens. When you visit, tell the tasting room folks that Megan from Virginia sent you; I hope they remember me, I visit on every one of my trips to the west coast and even belong to their wine club (so I have a steady supply year round).  Can’t make the trip? Then just order your own little piece of California sunshine in a bottle right here. 

Quivira Vineyards Wine Creek Ranch Rose 2017
Members: $15.99 ||  Non-Members: $19.99

Will Curley