Your First Gaglioppo?

Your First Gaglioppo?

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As Kevin mentioned in his e-mail on Monday we tasted through a pretty ridiculous line up of Italian wines last week and have much to tell you about. The wine I want to bring you today is made 100% from the Gaglioppo grape. I had never encountered this grape before to my knowledge and was really excited by the wine.

The producer here is iGreco and they are located 150 meters above sea level in the Calabria region of Italy. That’s in the tip of the boot for those of you without a wine map handy. Gaglioppo is a regional grape that is rumored to be a distant relative of the Nebbiolo. There are distinct flavor resemblances in the two grapes but I don’t think they would ever be confused in a blind tasting.

This wine stood out for me and Kevin, it was the final wine in the line up of about a dozen or so wines. One right after the other these wines tasted excellent, correct, identifiable with quality right out of the bottle and all very pleasing to an elegant palate. The iGreco ‘Cata’ then floored us. It was so different and unique and just really well done.

We have been stocking white Truffle oil from the iGreco estate for some time but that was the only knowledge I had of this producer. What they are going for is true regional correctness using indigenous varietals and structuring them in a classic method in the face of an international wine market. This is pretty exceptional in these times as more and more European regions have curtailed their styles to fit with an excepted and professionally condoned palate type.

The ‘Cata’ reminded me of a Sardinian wine, the fruit profile was of dried figs and grapes, it had that almost Garrigue style bramble quality one thinks of when drinking a wine from an arid Mediterranean vineyard. You imagine that fennel and fig grow around these vineyards like weeds (if only Virginia creeper were so pleasant and useful). The body was medium and the palate long and full with a nice long finish of exotic spices.

This is much more than a Pizza and Spaghetti wine even though the price makes it a table wine you can enjoy everyday. This would do far better with grilled meats, lamb in particular, grilled vegetables and stone fired flat breads and sheep’s milk cheeses (I’ll bring some in to match). That is the sort of thing this is. I highly recommend this wine to every palate type and for almost any occasion, it is great food wine but it is delicious and balanced so that it is well on its own.

Do not miss a chance to try something new.

Pricing on this one is funny. We need to get to a certain quantity to give the best price. At this price point, I believe we can make the discount threshold, you will not regret having this wine in your collection so order and help us get this wine at a kick butt price. Without the discount this wine would retail for $19.99 in the state of Virginia. With the discount and your Wine Guild prices it is around $12, an unbelievable value.

2006 iGreco, Gaglioppo ‘Cata’
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $11.66 • Premier Cru: $12.19 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $19.99
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