Something Interesting and Different

Something Interesting and Different

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Scene 1, Act 1

[The dimly lit, cluttered basement, shelves of boxes, a bare light bulb, unlit.  From the corner, the low rattling hum of the old refrigerator.]

Enter Chad, long day at work, angry that the basement is still so full of crap, and the light bulb is out again.  Muttering, shuffling, winding his way to that refrigerator, watching out for the big spiders.

Light spills into the darkened room, lights his weary face, the golden bottle emerging from the cold shelves, and then like an automaton, he turns to the audience as the refrigerator light fades and a spotlight – wide at first, but gradually narrowing, narrowing down to his face, white hot light in a perfect circle narrowing, all black around him, focusing now in a perfect searing white dot on his forehead … his innermost thoughts now whispered words to the audience:

“What are you people doing in my basement?”

Scene 1, Act 2

Everyone has adjourned to the kitchen, which is well-lighted and yellow and without spiders.  Glasses for all, and a splash of The Writer’s Block Roussanne 2009, which is very enjoyable.  Small talk ensues: Evan on the wonders of Chenin Blanc, Kevin as to why exactly he gets to go to Europe all the time.  None of you people do any of the dishes.

Two small children, one robed entirely in camouflage, the other in a Dora The Explorer nightgown, sit at a small table, quietly wondering if any of these new grown-ups know about the “No juice after dinner” rule.

The sharp tinking of fork to glass brings the room to silence, except for the impetuous children, who slip away to jump on the couch and throw things.

“Roussanne is a major white Rhone valley varietal, but you don’t see it very often because retailers don’t usually stock wines without broad market recognition.  Our model, however, alleviates that stress and allows us to bring you something very attractive at a great price.

This 100% Roussanne is a great find. From a small vineyard plot in Lake County, it shows a perfumed nose of white flowers, pears and dried Provencal herbs with an almost oily texture on the palate, in this case full of white flowers, lychee, pear and spice notes.  The acidity is pronounced without being sharp or overbearing and evolves on the finish into the drying sensation of eating raw almonds dusted with a little powdered ginger.  Intellectually stimulating, a pure pleasure to drink and dynamite paired with braised bird finished in white wine, cream, herbs and a little Dijon mustard.

Highest recommendation on the basis of value, something interesting and different, and the fact that I need to put these children to bed ASAP.”

The Writer’s Block Lake County Roussanne 2009
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $11.00 • Premier Cru: $11.50 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $15.00
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