Will’s Choice. A Truly Stunning Red Wine.

Will’s Choice. A Truly Stunning Red Wine.

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I tell you truly that It has been a long time since I have gotten all geeked up about a red wine to this level.

Listen. All you Rhone fans, all you Syrah fans and all you Grenache fans, listen.

Terry Shiple, the former genius of French wine importation behind the outstanding Country Vintner France portfolio has recently joined the growing force that is JW Seig imports. This acquisition of Seigs puts them right on the top shelf battle field of excellent French wine being imported into the State of Virginia, keep an eye on these guys.

Listen, All you Chateauneuf Du Pape fans, all you Big Red Wine fans, all you great Languedoc and Provence fans, listen.

I tasted 6 wines with Terry yesterday evening, there was a great inexpensive Champagne that I will write up soon, an unbelievable Chinon at a great price and some awesome southern France Rose’s. All of which showed quite excellently. But the final wine we tasted blew them all away along with the list of other great wines I have in my head ready to tell you about, this was the trump wine for all of it.

In fact I am going to go to the mat right here and say with all of my conviction that this is the trump wine for all of the under $20 Rhone style wines I have tasted in the last 2 years. There may be better made wines I have tried but none that are this well made and this incredibly interesting with this level of QPR (Quality for Price Ratio).

Listen all you Great Red Wine lovers, listen those of you who have known great Roussillon, listen.

That’s right, this is a Red Roussillon wine. And for those of you who are not familiar: Roussillon is the region just West of the Languedoc in Southern France. It is the region that borders Spain right on the Mediterranean rising from the sea into the noble Pyrenees mountains. It is a land of many different climates and terriors and a land of many cultures. This part of France has more in common with Barcelona than it does with Paris, these are the French Catalans and they have a love of life, food and culture that shows through in every construct of their endeavors.

The great pastel land and sea scape’s of Cezanne and many of the other impressionists are from this region as the landscape glows with all the brightness of an abstract painting with the sun setting over mountains and sea in a brightness of purples, red/pinks and blues. But this has less to do with the wine than I really need to impart here so I will move on. I suppose I am just trying to say that there is a romance about this region that comes through in the wines and cuisine.

I was not the only one who tasted this wine yesterday and loved it. In fact most of the wine shops and restaurants in town tasted the wine and ordered it so you are likely to see it in many shops and wine lists. This should make you think two things, 1. You will smile when you see it displayed around town knowing that you paid significantly less than anyone else for the same wine through the Guild. 2, This wine may not last very long.

As I said the wine is a Terry Shiple selection but it is from the import portfolio of Jack Siler who is one of the most respected importers of French wines in the U.S. Jack Siler brings in one of my all time favorite Red wines from the Roussillon village of Collioure, Domaine de la Rectorie. If you have not been to Collioure and have the chance to travel to France any time in the near future go there! But be warned that you may suffer from a feeling of eternal indebtedness and gratitude to me for having made you go, it is idyllic and may be the most charming small village in France you are likely to visit.

I had not heard of or tasted the wines of Puig Parahy before and this was not the top wine in his line up. The bottling is simply called “Georges” and it is from the great vintage for the South of France, 2007. This is a real wine, 50% 80 year old Carignan, 40% Grenache and topped off with a bit of Mourvedre and Syrah, a classic blend of the region. the palate is like biting into a fresh fig and then eating a dried one right after. There is that ripe, Southern France, Mediterranean fruit structure both spiced, ripe and dried –firm with a good tannic build. Dark purple color and fruit with a mid palate that is all sap and delicious weight, a stick to your bones sort of effect for the palate and then a light and lengthy finish, not silk but velvet, a presence that brings all the flavors you want out of your wine. Stunning!

This has gone on long enough, I can not give this wine any higher accolade, just know that I loved it and hope you will try it. Parker gave it 91 points also so he liked it too.

2007 Puig Parahy, ‘Georges’
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $10.26 • Premier Cru: $10.73 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $14.00
Buy Now!

PS. Also interestingly available from the estate is Parahy’s Muscat de Rivesaltes which is the AOC white dessert wines from within this region. If you love top quality sweet white wines you may have trouble finding any more interesting than these (you sommeliers may want some of this to serve by the glass and blow minds as it will keep well open for some time). Available right now 1975 Muscat De Rivesaltes and 1993 Muscat de Rivesaltes (1993 was a great vintage for the south).

1975 Puig Parahy, Muscat De Rivesaltes
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $103.40 • Premier Cru: $108.09 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $136.00
Buy Now!

1993 Puig Parahy, Muscat De Rivesaltes
Retail Price: $52.00
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $38.87 • Premier Cru: $40.63 [/private_member]
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4 Responses to “Will’s Choice. A Truly Stunning Red Wine.”

  1. Stephanie Williams

    02. Jun, 2010

    LOVING this wine!

  2. Michael Davis

    03. Jun, 2010

    Seriously good stuff….what a bargain.


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