White Burgundy that will bring you to your knees!!!

White Burgundy that will bring you to your knees!!!

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Over the summer, I asked our friends at The Country Vintner for samples of some older white wines. Of about 100 labels, we chose 8 wines, ranging widely in vintage, price and origin, and found two worth your time. You’ll recall our foray into this topic with a beautifully aged and preserved Macon from 2006.

Today’s wine is the stunning 2005 Bouzereau Meursault Les Tessons.

As background, Meursault is the center of white wine production in Burgundy, but interestingly, there are no Grand Cru and a only a few Premier Cru vineyards. There are however some extraordinary and well-known village-level sites like Les Perrières, Les Genevrières and Les Charmes that produce benchmark wines amongst the worlds’ finest. Of these non-classified vineyards, one smaller, lesser known site — Les Tessons — is often considered to generate the most complete wine, if not the most subtle. Treasured in France, and prohibitively priced elsewhere, Les Tessons (“the shards”) finds itself in the peculiar position of enjoying a top-tier reputation amongst connoisseurs and sommeliers even as the larger buying market chases its lesser neighbors.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for us, no?

We tasted it at my house a few weeks ago before dinner, finding a classic, richly-endowed, old-world presentation of chardonnay fruit, underlying minerality, a gentle compliment of wood and vibrant acidity — precise, refreshing and perfectly seamless. It still haunts my dreams.

Evan: “Good lord! That’s the best white burgundy I’ve had in … maybe … ever!”

Will didn’t say anything really, but just teared up a little and wandered off into the yard.

So … I thought that was pretty positive and bought a few bottles.

You should too.

[Will here. I just wanted to add that there is no hyperbole at all in these claims, this is the finest White Burgundy I can remember tasting, it is drinking perfectly now and will blow your mind. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN OFTEN. Please do not pass on this one and then ask about White Burgundy in a month. This is it. One-in-a-million. Freaking awesome stuff. -WR]

2005 Bouzereau Meursault Les Tessons
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $40.34 • Premier Cru: $42.17 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $57.00
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