Verget Closeouts, Part Deux

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As promised, here’s the other bottle of Verget on closeout that I loved:

For me, Maison Verget has always meant Macon. Their awesome Chablis that I offered out last week might have been the first non-Maconnaise wine that I’d had from them, and great as it is, I still identify them as Maconnaise. We’ve sold plenty of their excellent Macon Villages, as well as the Montbrison and other miscellaneous bottlings (he produces something like 25 different bottlings in any given vintage), and this wine that I’m writing about today follows in their tradition: terroir-driven, but never shy or tight, and outpacing its price tag by a mile. Even at its normal, non-closeout rate, this wine is a deal, but with a few bucks shaved off, it’s another “can’t miss” wine to stock up on.

The Saint-Veran appellation is, as a friend put it the other day, what Pouilly Fuisse was 5 years ago. The latter used to be pretty affordable, and represented great deals all over the place. There might still be some good deals to be found, but so many of them have broken the $20 barrier…as can be expected whenever the international market takes serious notice of an AOC. Well, right next door, in the same shadow of the Roche de Solutre, is Saint-Veran, and it’s producing Chardonnays of extraordinary value and quality.

The Verget Saint-Veran “Terroirs de Davaye” 2010 is as good a Saint-Veran as I’ve had, and is the perfect everyday, all-purpose Chard. Again, it is driven by terroir (stones, white flowers, earth) and buttressed by tremendous fruit – lychee, honeydew, nectarine. It simply has exquisite composure (classic, I’d even say) without ever taking itself too seriously; as I said, it’s definitely an everyday wine that gives you much more than you paid for it. The weight on the palate is just enough to let you know that it’s Chardonnay, and there’s plenty of crisp acid even at four years old.

As with the Chablis, this is on closeout because the distributor has parted ways with Verget, so you will not see this wine at this price again (and it’s still uncertain if or when Verget will be available at all, unfortunately). So, speak now, or forever hold your peace…

Verget Saint-Veran “Terroirs de Davaye”
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $15.39 • Premier Cru: $16.09 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $24.99

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Oh, and just because it’s extraordinarily beautiful (and relevant), here are a couple pics from the Roche de Solutre that we took on our trip a few years back (the first is of the village of Solutre-Pouilly and the Rock of Vergisson taken from the top of the rock; the second is of the rock itself). Drink it in!

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