Ugly Labels Can Sometimes Mean Good Wine.

Ugly Labels Can Sometimes Mean Good Wine.

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More often than not when I see an ugly label on a bottle of wine I feel strongly that the wine itself must be crap also. Through much trial and much error, I have found it to be one of those odd little unprovable rules of thumb that when an estate has terrible visual aesthetics their gustatory aesthetics follow in kind.

This, of course, is not always true and should not be held as a hard and fast wine factoid. That said, it is amazing how often it truly is the case. Adding to this exercise in conjecture I would like to note how this seems to be more common when the wine is a pricey one from a well to do estate.

The only forgivable atrocity in packaging comes from the very poorest of the poor wine makers who are truly more farmers than anything else. When I’m handed a sub $8 wine from Portugal with a piece of brown paper bag slapped on the front conveying in that language little more than that it is red wine from Duoro I do not get the same suspicious smile across my face in embarrassment for the producer.

Perfectly it is just such a wine that I have for you today. The 2005 Mapreco, Duoro was offered to us at half price. We went to the warehouse, tasted the wine and ordered all they had left. The label makes it look like a Sarsaparilla that you might have purchased at a Western themed steak house in Arizona. I had no faith in the wine but after tasting it I was emphatically compelled to its charm.

Mapreco is a soft and easy, old world style Duoro -silky and spicy but very easy to drink. We featured this wine at last weeks tasting and it was also the house pour for our holiday event in December. We have kept it in stock and are now very sadly on the last 10 cases from the distributor. I thought it was time to formally offer it out to everyone who has not had a shot at it.

This is a tremendous deal for a very strong little everyday house wine. It is suitable to every palate type and would work well with just about any type of food. Those who do not like big, jammy, in your face, high alcohol wines will especially love this wine as a keep open at all times on the kitchen table for a glass every now and then house pour.

I highly recommend this as an everyday wine to keep you out of your cellar, a daily drinker with some charm.

2005 Mapreco, Duoro
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $6.99 • Premier Cru: $7.30 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $9.99
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