Top White Burgundy

Top White Burgundy

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The wine I have today is from a line up of top Burgundy that I tasted last week. This is one of the finest White Burgundies I have had in quite some time: 2006 Domaine Jobard-Chabloz, Meursault 1er Cru “Les Charmes.” If you like Fine White Burgundy or top California Chardonnay then you need to know the name Remi Jobard. He is one of the best producers in Meursault to my estimation. His Domaine wines will knock your socks off but the prices have gone through the roof. Fortunately he opened this négoce in 2002 where he, “treats these wines exactly as he treats the domaine wines.” -Burghound.

Importer Peter Weygandt says this:

Remi Jobard is the “intelligent and dynamic son” of Charles Jobard, the brother of Francois, and this domaine, now being run by Remi “is truly a family run operation, with Remi’s mother doing all the bottling by hand”… that is indeed an ” up and coming estate”. With the scores in the low 90s from The Wine Advocate, and up to 94 points in The Wine Spectator, and rave reviews in the French press, the secret is now definitely out on Remi Jobard. And why not, when he makes such delicious expressions from such great Meursault parcels that too often these days are not always producing the exciting wines that can potentially be made? In fact, when one starts tasting through his offerings, it is amazing just how great his Bourgogne is – it tastes like a really excellent Meursault. Then he makes three sensational and unique Meursaults from three different lieu dits: the Sous la Velle is rich, plump, and long with lovely balance; the En Luraule (a parcel adjoining Premier Cru Goutte D’Or and resembles that Cru) – very rich and golden buttery (thus Goutte D’Or) – while the Chevalieres from 55+ year old vines is very structured, firm, and complex, benefiting from extra time in bottle.

And it is true, his basic Bourgogne does taste like a fine Meursault which, as you can imagine, bodes quite well for his 1er Cru level wines.

I had never tasted the wines from this négoce labeling but was blown away last week by the experience. This is classic Meursault. That is to say that it does not conform to the odd cycle of imitation that has gone on between California and Meursault [Many of the great California wines chose this region in Burgundy to emulate with their own top bottlings. The popularity of the style in California has tempted many Meursault producers to then emulate the Cali style by showing more oak and ripe fruit. Funny stuff]

This one is a classic. The full creamy, chalky, buttery-ness that really encapsulates Meursault wines is all here but not with the fatness of a California Chardonnay. The wine has almost a Chablisean touch to it, There is great acidity and back bone to match the richness of fruit. This is a top wine, a hallmark for the area and a great white Burgundy to cellar or taste.

Weygandt goes on to say this:

The three Premier Crus are also exceptional for their expressiveness, but add to this their weight and character. The Poruzots is the most opulent and forward, with a real wallop of unctuous, juicy Meursault fruit. The parcel they own is situated at the top, adjoining Genevrieres. The Genevrieres parcel of Jobard is very old vines and here Jobard makes his most minerally, terroir-filled Meursault; but never at the expense of richness and depth. Finally, the Charmes, presents a culmination, it seems, a synthesis of all the strong points of all his other wines in a package of near pure perfection. To capture all of the texture and nuance Remi now also bottles all of his wines without filtration sixteen months after vintage. There is no telling how great his domaine can become.

The press is this:

Wine Spectator
92 Points
15 Oct 2008 Lean and taut, making it hard …
91 – 92 Points
31 Dec 2008High-toned pear distillate, pineapple, lemon oil, …

2006 Domaine Jobard-Chabloz, Meursault 1er Cru “Les Charmes
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $50.74 • Premier Cru: $53.05 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $92.25
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Not an everyday wine but a really good price for one of the best.

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    23. Oct, 2015

    Lovely to meet you (finally) today !! Your stand was by far the most colourful there. So sorry I didn’t get back to see you …. I just ran out of time and had a long drive home. Will catch up in a coulpe of weeks time. Enjoy the rest of the show and I hope it’s really successful for you xxx

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