This Pinot will not change your life.

This Pinot will not change your life.

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No, this Pinot Noir will not change your life. It will not blow your mind either.

This Pinot was originally priced at $20 wholesale and has been closed out so that we can offer it to you below $12.

But when we checked online we found that the same wine retails for around $20 and even less throughout the rest of the country.

Terrible Virginia wine laws or poor business skills on the part of our distributor? I often wonder.

We would never sell you a Pinot Noir like this for $20. That said, it drinks better than many $20 Pinot Noirs I have had. A commentary on the difficulty of really understanding this grape.

This Pinot Noir is well made and, if nothing else at all, it is correct.

It is so very difficult to find good Cali Pinot for under $20 and that is why we are bringing you this one today. As I said in the video, the nose is beautiful. It is slightly vanillan with a sweet roasted coffee quality and the fruit. The wine is not overdone, it is medium in weight and the flavors are correct Santa Barbera Cali Pinot fruit. There are no flaws and this is a great Pinot to have and gulp down and offer to guests all summer long.

Now, we have access to 37 cases of this wine so I do not think we are going to run out this time. That of course depends on the value you all attach to having a super solid Pinot Noir for under $12. The problem is that anything we do not take by Friday will be offered to other accounts who already want it and there will not be any second shots.

A nice house wine.

2007 Taz, Pinot Noir. Santa Barbera County, California
Retail price before [member discount|Our members save an average of 25% off the normal retail prices. As a courtesy to the retail wine industry we do not publish our prices.] $17 – $20 • Buy this wine!

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