The Perfect Thanksgiving White

The Perfect Thanksgiving White

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Ok, I say the perfect Thanksgiving white here only because I think it is the best White I have tasted for T-day dinner with appeal to every type of palate. Personally I truly enjoy a good Alsatian Riesling, Pinot Gris or Gewurtz with Thanksgiving dinner, and (I’ll say it) I like them with a little sweetness to them also. Yeah that’s right, I like a well made sweeter white wine this time of year so… take that haters.

This wine is a Chablis. And frankly I could not do without a Chablis or Chablis styled wine at T-day either. Usually I start with the rich Alsatian wine and then move to Chablis (and then to Beaujolais and then to Burgundy and then to Sauternes and then to bed). The entire Guild Board tasted this wine at our last meeting of the minds and everyone loved it. The interesting thing is that everyone loved it for different reasons.

For me it is perfect Chablis. The nose is chalky with that Creek/Cave mineral nose that keeps the wine fresh. The palate is first of lemon and then of lemon curd, the fruit is bright and full showing the crispness of green apples as well. The finish is long, strong and contemplative, this wine is distinctly well made.

Others in the group commented that if the wine had been a California Chard from Monterey they would have believed it. That is a part of the perfection of this wine, it appeals to all palates, it is a good Chardonnay but beyond that for me it is a good Chablis. It has the fruit for those who look for that and the mineral and acid for those who just need that.

Beyond that it is from a great Chablis producer Jean Marc Brocard where under the direction of Enologist Nadine Gublin (also of Domaine Jacques Prieur in Montrachet) the wines are being made with no new oak and increasingly Biodynamic vineyard management as classic Chablis should be.

I give this my highest Recommendation for T-day white wines and as a great priced Chablis for any time.

2008 Jean-Marc Brocard, Chablis – Domaine Sainte Claire
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Retail Price: $21.75
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  1. Sara & Don

    25. Nov, 2010

    Loved this one, Will. We toasted you as we finished the bottle. Not sure we ever had a Chablis before either!