The BEST of an Elite Event

The BEST of an Elite Event

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Well, it must be the season for trade tastings, since on Monday last week I attended my second in as many weeks, this time with the folks at Elite Wines. Elite is a good-sized importer and distributor of a range of wines from around the world, and they had roughly 50 suppliers pouring some 250+ wines to showcase their portfolio. Once again I tasted probably 50 wines, doing the hard research work it takes to discover Guild-worthy wines to share with you, our esteemed customers.

Now, Elite holds a special place in the history of the Guild as the distributor of the 2005 Chateau Mondesir Bordeaux, our biggest-selling wine ever. A few months ago we did a tasting with the 2007 Mondesir, as well as a couple of other wines in that family, and we thought they showed particularly well.

At the tasting last Monday, they introduced the just-released 2005 Chateau Mondesir-Gazin, which is the “big brother” to the basic Mondesir. Now I was not familiar with this wine when I tasted it, but I was absolutely blown away by the quality level — this was a tannic beast, with tons of structure and wonderful, pure fruit complemented by some exceptional minerality. When I got a break, I immediately called Will and gushed about my find — imagine my surprise when he told me it’s always been one of his favorite top-value Bordeauxs, and he’s been waiting on the release of the 2005 for months!

Sensing this could be another blow-out home run offering, I got a sample from the distributor and had Will and Michael Davis over on Tuesday night to get a second opinion on my enthusiasm. Consider it confirmed — we all loved it (check out the video) and agreed it’s a perfect fit for the Guild’s members. We even debated whether to invoke Defcon status — this wine is THAT good…

Interestingly, Will and I had different takes on the wine’s tannic structure — I think it would benefit greatly from 1-3 years of sleep in the cellar, while Will would prefer to drink it now as he really enjoys that “chewy” mouth feel. Whatever the case, this is a simply outstanding wine. If you enjoyed the 2005 Mondesir, think of this as a bigger, more structured, more complex version of that wine — just what you’d expect from the “big brother.” While the price is also a bit “bigger,” the value proposition is every bit as compelling:

2005 Chateau Mondesir-Gazin Bordeaux
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $19.12 • Premier Cru: $19.99 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $30.00
Buy this wine!

To get a 90+ point quality Bordeaux with aging potential from a killer vintage at under $20 is absolutely unheard of — this is definitely a wine to stock up on and enjoy for years to come. There are good quantities available, but I’m sure it will move fast so please get back to us promptly with your interest.

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