Spectacular Chardonnay Closeout!

Spectacular Chardonnay Closeout!

Posted on Aug, 16. 2010 by

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I am absolutely thrilled with the wine we have to offer you today. I am sure many of you recall fondly the Taz Vineyards Pinot Noir we offered back in March. That was another crazy closeout — a $20 retail Pinot we thought tasted great and offered at under $12. Our customers agreed by ordering a half-dozen cases on the offer, and many came back for more after their initial orders. Offers that successful, characterized by happy customers seeking repeat purchases, are our most satisfying.

In reviewing a distributor catalog the other day looking for good values to offer, I stumbled upon the 2007 Taz Chardonnay and was intrigued (hmmm — solid value producer, great vintage), so I figured I’d investigate. After having to remind the distributor three different times of my interest (and they call themselves salespeople?), they finally showed up the other day with a sample for me to try. It was everything I was hoping it would be, and more:

My notes from 8/14/10:

2007 Taz Chardonnay – 90pts.
Light gold/medium straw color. Big, ripe nose of pineapple, lemon curd and some toasty oak. Ripe tropical fruit on the palate as well, dominated by pineapple, with just a hint of creaminess and oak on the finish. Lively acidity and lengthy finish, reminiscent of a nice French burgundy. This is big, generous and easy to enjoy — very impressive.

This wine revels in its California-ness with the great fruit and length so common in the outstanding 2007 vintage in the state, but doesn’t have the overwhelming butter/oak/vanilla that can sometimes put off those with more European sensibilities. I couldn’t find any professional reviews on the wine (though WS has scored prior years 88 points from lesser-quality vintages), but CellarTracker had 3 pretty strong reviews with two 90-point scores.

Now, given Taz’s reputation for value and our prior experience with the Pinot Noir, I expected an attractive price, and was thrilled when the rep quoted a cost to us of just over $10. When I pressed her about available quantities, however, she was told that stock was thinning and that they could offer it to us at a ~20% further discount if we helped them clean out the vintage. Well, opportunities to get big discounts on solid wines from great vintages don’t come along every day, and on the rare occasions we get them we like to be aggressive for your benefit. The result? What I believe is a spectacular offer:

Taz Chardonnay 2007, Santa Barbara, California
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $9.46 • Premier Cru: $9.89 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $16.00