Summers Riesling

Summers Riesling

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I am having to type this one handed as I just cut my left forefinger quite badly whilst doing dishes. Lesson learned, never do dishes again. We’ll see how that one sticks with the wife.

To console myself I am retasting the 2010 Donnhoff Estate Riesling that I opened last night to write about today. I feel better.

I knew this wine would be good. Evan and I ordered about 6 cases from the Terry Theise presale last Spring. I knew this because I spent my early wine career stocking up on Donnhoff wines and am still opening late 90’s bottlings for my family around the Holidays and blowing their minds. I know that Donnhoff is one of the great German Wine Estates in Production. I know that the wines opened my eyes to a level of German wine I had not thought possible and may be responsible for my love of the stuff today.

‘All things being equal’ is not a phrase one can use for the 2010 vintage in Europe. In France it was epic, in Germany, well, top importer Michael Skurnik says:

In the olden days they used to give little mottos to each vintage. A hot one like ’76 might be “Bringer Of Sun” or a messy rotten year might be “Hedgehog Snot Everywhere,” but all of them had a semi-official motto (this being Germany).

I don’t even know if they still do it. But if so, I have no earthly idea what they’d come up with for 2010. My vote would go to “WTF?!?!”

He clarifies in the summation:

The headline is, what’s good is absurdly good, and there are enough of them. What’s not good is a mess.

Donnhoff, being at the top of the game, would only release the absurdly good and I have thoroughly confirmed this with the Estate Riesling both last night and…wait a minute… ah yes,… this morning.

This is Summer’s Riesling. It is dry and crisp with the fruit weight of a Northern Rhone Viognier and the flavor profile of Alpine Spring flowers, it is floral and mineraly in that certain way. All top Riesling.

I know we have thrown a lot of Riesling your way this year. It is because we have been enchanted ourselves and want you to see in Riesling what we see. Our reputations are on the line, it means more to us that you end up loving our Riesling selections than anything else and we are only telling you about what we find to be the best in their category to achieve this.

For a top dry mid level Riesling you will not beat this wine. It is both refreshing and versatiley food friendly. A refined porch wine and perhaps the perfect grilled pork chop accompaniment for an August cook out as we ready for Autumn. Throw some green tomatoes on that grill they will make a great sauce for the chop.

2010 Donnhoff Estate Riesling
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