Sublime Burgundy

Sublime Burgundy

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This one is for all you folks who didn’t get the Pillot Burgundy from last week due to distribution mismanagement. I have had these two babies sitting in the wings for quite some time as some of my favorite Burgundy still available. the price is higher than the Pillot but the value for quality is perhaps much greater.

Today I bring you 2 wines in small quantity from on of the greatest producer in the Cote Du Beaune and that is Domaine Tollot Beaut. As early as 1930 these guys were placed in the top tier of winemakers in Burgundy by early world wine pioneers like Schoonmaker. Tollot Beaut makes some of the finest Grand Cru wine in Burgundies regal Corton region but even their most basic bottlings have been some of the finest Pinot Noir I have tasted in its class.

This wine is for all of you California and Oregon Pinot Noir drinkers out there as well as the style here has what we call immediate presence. I am currently reading the finest book I have ever read on wine, Terry Thiese’s “Reading between the Wines” (Thanks Kevin for turning me on to it). In it Terry makes a fantastic case for wines that are not just about power but command a certain subtlety and harmony (I grossly summarize). Subtlety, or what Terry calls ‘Grace’ is an atribute in wine I admire strongly, but what Terry has yet to talk about (and I am only half way through) is potential grace that proceeds from power.

The Tollot Beaut wines have tremendous power of fruit and what Burghound calls “sap” in their present form. Drink them now and I would hold them as better than almost any California Pinot Noir priced up to $100.00 a bottle. But sit on these babies and give them 7-10 years from vintage and you will find the grace, the harmony and the subtle beauty that currently finds refuge in the bouquet, the back drop and the finish.

Write the name of Tollot Beaut on the walls of your cellar as one of the most consistent and reliable producers in Burgundy with wines that show every year regardless on vintage.

There is only a little bit of each of these wines today unfortunately and I will do my best to spread them around so that everyone who orders gets some to take home. We have the 2007 Chorey Les Beaune to offer as well as the 1er Cru bottling from Savigny Les Beaune “Lavieres.” There is roughly 2 cases of each left in Virginia. The Chorey is of course a bit softer, more perfumed and elegant. But as I stated above, both of these wines have tremendous immediacy and power right up front. The Savigny has all the weight and depth that one would expect from a top producer in a 1er Cru vineyard, this wine is one of the finest Pinot’s you will have had all year.

I will not go into details about the Domaine. They are doing everything you would expect from a great producer that has been around for almost a century and has remained small with a fantastic reputation. I feel a bit guilty championing these ‘Man for all Season’ Burgundies after bathing in the romance of Thiese’s prose on grace in wine but I want all you Pinot Noir drinkers out there to understand that these babies will deliver, it is up to you whether you drink them now for power or in years to come for their grace.

Domaine Tollot Beaut. 2007 Chorey Les Beaune
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $28.60 • Premier Cru: $29.90 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $39.00
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Domaine Tollot Beaut. 2007 Savigny Les Beaune 1er Cru “Lavieres”
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $41.53 • Premier Cru: $43.42 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $56.63
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