“Stupid Good” Table Wine

“Stupid Good” Table Wine

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Well I tried to go to the new Commonwealth restaurant last night but it was packed. The place looks awesome though and I can not wait to go eat there. I did make it to Tempo though, the new restaurant in the old Ventana space. I had been for lunch already with Michael Davis and we were wowed by excellent food and reasonable prices. Dinner was good, I think they have a very exciting chef who will bring some incredible dishes to our foodie town. I highly recommend dropping into Tempo for a bite and am hopeful that the service will quickly elevate to the level of the cuisine. The decor is growing on me, we’ll see.

Today’s wine is one that I have been drinking for years. When I first discovered it way back I was awe struck by the quality for the low, low price. Since then it has fluctuated only slightly following vintage strength and is back up to a wow level in 2009.

From the esteemed Languedoc estate Chateau d’Oupia this is the 2009 Les Heretiques. These guys must do this wine purely as homage to a Southern France wine aesthetic of old. The aesthetic of really good old vine wine that is so cheap you don’t even think about it, like water, oil or vinegar, it is a part of the necessary objects that complete a kitchen table.

Formally accepting “Stupid Good” as contemporary professional wine jargon, allow me to pronounce this wine at the top of it’s Stupid Good game. Made of predominantly 75+ year old Carignan and a splash of Syrah, this is a full bodied yet balanced, Rhone style wine that has all the character of really well made old vine Carignan = fig, lavender, gaurrigue (brambles), and all kinds of dark berry fruit.

This is classic Languedoc offering a flavor too many of the boys down there have grown out of (homogenizing into a world style… not appreciated). This is the ideal of table wine, I will go further, this is to red table wine what Hemingway is to the novel, so perfectly the thing itself that you did not think it could actually exist and be available for your consideration.

Pour a bottle into your leather wine flagon and head for the mountains, don’t forget the loaf of crusty bread and firm sheep’s milk cheese. It is also tremendous grill out wine, really it could go with anything.

Stupid high recommendations at this level, enjoy.

2009 Chateau d’Oupia, Les Heretiques
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $7.34 • Premier Cru: $7.67 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $9.99
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