SNEAK PREVIEW: 2007 Lincourt Chardonnay

Posted on Jul, 05. 2010 by

Categories: Wine

A sneak peak at an upcoming offer. The 2007 Lincourt Chardonnay gets some love during a Wine Guild of Charlottesville board meeting.

2 Responses to “SNEAK PREVIEW: 2007 Lincourt Chardonnay”

  1. Nicolas Mestre

    05. Jul, 2010

    Why don’t you guys support Real Wine and the farmers responsible for their existence instead of large insurance conglomerates and their well-off executives?

  2. Michael Davis

    05. Jul, 2010

    Really? Did you just call us corporate puppets? Two days before your wines are featured at our tasting? Two weeks after they were the star of a wine dinner we hosted for you?

    Nobody in C’Ville features a higher percentage of “real wine” than we do. You know that as well as anybody.