Second Growth, Second Label…Lascombes

Second Growth, Second Label…Lascombes

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We have talked about some of the great everyday Bordeaux from the great Pre-buy Evan, Rives and I put together but now it is time to get into some of the top wines. As a side note, there are some mid level wines to come but these top level wines were harder to get quantity on and if there is extreme interest we will have to know sooner than later.

Chateau Lascombes is one of the great Second Growth Bordeaux (If you do not yet know about the Great Growth system in Bordeaux it is worth checking out. The Chateau is located in the village region of Margaux and is considered to be second in quality only to the great Chateau Margaux herself. Lascombes, for all its praise in the press and prestige, has always been one of the more reasonably priced Great Growths as well.

Those of us who are dedicated Bordeaux adherents learned a while back that some of the best value in Bordeaux is found in the second labeling from certain of the top estates. Not all of the juice can make it into the top bottling and often you can find a close cousin in the second label for a quarter of the price. This was confirmed by the cheese eating grins Evan, Rives and I threw about to each other as we tasted the 2006 Chevalier De Lascombes. This is a deep, dark and full bodied Margaux, almost robust for the feminine qualities associated with the regional style. That said, she’s all Margaux. this is one of the better bottlings I have tasted from this consistently good second label. An age worthy Bordeaux that can be drunk right away should the need be. I will do both as I am loving this wine right now but have learned how wonderful this bottle can be with up to ten years from vintage on its back.

This is a top Bordeaux at a great price and an excellent example of the Margaux palate. I strongly recommend this wine.

2006 Chevalier De Lascombes
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $29.79 • Premier Cru: $31.15 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $43.62
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