Rosso with the Mosto

Rosso with the Mosto

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I have been meaning to get this offer out, one more day and Rives may have sold it all. As you will read below this is a Rosso di Montalcino which, in this case, is basically a baby Brunello. On top of that this is one of the last of the fantastic 2004 vintages from Tuscany that I have seen.

The Estate says this of their wine:

Tucked between the picturesque landscapes of the Valle d’Arbia and the wild, sun drenched Valle d’Orcia lies the village of Montalcino. The hill upon which Montalcino sits is said to have been first settled during Etruscan times and the initial documents of a ‘Brunello’ red wine in the area date to the early 14th century. The reason I mention the above every once I come across a wine that embodies history in a glass, hence, my suggestion of Tentua Friggiali’s Rosso di Montalcino. Hailing from the much acclaimed 2004 vintage, this Rosso di Montalcino offers a glimpse of the early potential of Brunello’s Sangiovese Grosso. The characteristics of the terroir of this region impart ample richness, acidity and a great minerality to this red. It’s incredible balance carries through its silky red fruit palate and shows elements of earth, tobbaco, plum and wild raspberry, A true worthy but softer and elegant cousin to the much higher priced and renowned Brunello.

Beyond that, I have tasted the wine and it truly is reminiscent of a good Brunello. The fruit is soft and elegant, it is showing almost no age at all and I truly feel it needs a few more years to really flesh out. That said, it drinks in almost a Burgundian style, soft and elegant with a fruit forward feel. Soft velvet but with some of that sun dried tomato acidity that is often present in Sangiovese from this region.

As Rives remarks below, we purchased 14 cases of this wine. We pre-bought all of it to get a “buy all” price that makes this wine a screaming value for the quality it brings. Rives has already hand sold 8 cases of the wine to members who have stopped in the Guild office over the last week or so and to those members and guests who are utilizing our new Saturday hours as well.

That means there are only 6 cases left and I am sorry to get this out so late but there is a queue of great wines I have in my mind to tell you about and this one didn’t get up to bat until now.

Here are Rives’ notes:

The original price to us for this wine was $20 wholesale (That would make it $22 Grand Cru) a bottle and it was worth every penny. When we found out that this was the last he had of it and he was loosing the line we bargained him down to $14 a bottle if we took everything he had which was only 14 cases. If you don’t buy another wine this year buy this one even if you have to add an addition to your house to store it.

2004 Tentua Friggiali’s Rosso di Montalcino
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $15.40 • Premier Cru: $16.10 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $30.00
Buy this wine! SOLD OUT

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