Rives bought 5 cases, for himself!

Rives bought 5 cases, for himself!

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I wanted to put the price of this wine in the title of this e-mail but it would make non members angry so I didn’t. This wine will change your life, especially if you are new to the Guild and are not used to our rare and awesome finds.

How will this wine change your life? Because possibly up until today you found value in other wine regions than Bordeaux. Perhaps, you thought it was impossible to find an excellent Bordeaux for an everyday price. I don’t know what you were thinking, I am only here to tell you that you were wrong and I can prove it.

I was first turned on to the Cote De Castillon Region in the 2000 vintage. There was a very reasonably priced one with very high scores from Robert Parker that Calvert Woodly was also strongly supporting. So I bought a case. This wine was life changing for me, it was excellent, deep and dark, firm and full as if a freshly tanned, thick piece of leather gave to my bight and melted over my tongue turning into Blackberries as it dissolved. I looked into it further.

Cote De Castillon is a sort of sub region of St Emilion (chances are they would hate being described in this way). Anyway, it is over there, over on the right bank of all places. The designation was only given in the late 80’s. My first thought was ‘Johnny come latley,’ but then I beat up my inner wine snob and realized these guys must have been making some pretty serious strides to get a name in such a strictly regulated region so late in the game. After tasting other Castillons I feel like the style here is consistently fuller and meatier than the other right bank, Merlot based wines. Like Pomerol, the wines can be very hit and miss but when you get a good one you awaken to the truth that there is something distinct and worthy of being sought out here.

In the line up of pre buy Bordeaux there was a Cote De Castillon from 2006. Evan, Rives and I did not expect much. I do not think it is inappropriate in this context to say we stood gape jawed as this wine proceeded to hand each of us our asses. I think Rives signed up for 5 cases himself right on the spot. I am getting 3 and if I remember correctly, so is Evan.

The 2006 Chateau Hyot. Cote De Castillon is a tremendous reminder that we should always be able to buy something great for a reasonable price. Now this wine was nothing like my Castillon experience of 2000 which I was drinking far too young on release. This wine is showing beautiful complexities of having some age. It is at a youthful peak in that there is the firm, round, solid fruits all muscled up at the top that are then broadened and delineated by the quality of a little age. It simply could not be more perfect. Long on the palate, elegant, and I do not stretch at all when I say drinking like a $20 Bordeaux, easily, easily, easily.

I highly recommend that, much like Ann Wilson might do, you go crazy on this wine. We only preordered 20 cases but should be able to get more to cover over orders. You will thank me all season that I twisted your arm on this one, trust me. That said, keep in mind there are 4 more wines that I have to offer you from this preorder, all of which we loved in different ways for different reasons. Keep room in your Bordeaux collection for a few of each of them as they are all amazing wines at amazing prices that very few other folks in the country are getting due to the smallness of this importer.

2006 Chateau Hyot. Cote De Castillon
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $8.80 • Premier Cru: $9.20 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $12.99
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