Pomerol Revisited

Pomerol Revisited

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First of all, sorry for our very intentional week off from e-mails last week, ah-hem. The good side is we got a lot of very important tasting done. Keep an eye on these e-mails, there is some really impressive wine in the queue.

I first starting hearing about Pomerol in the late 90’s. I don’t know if that’s when Le Pin was really becoming the super cult wine that it is or what, I just remember there was a lot of talk about Le Pin, Petrus and the future greatness we could all expect from this newly rediscovered region.

I spent a lot of money trying to get that Pomerol sensation in the following years. I could not afford the Le Pin but lots of $50 and under bottles began popping up as “top affordable Pomerol” and I really wanted to see what everyone was seeing that made this region so wonderful.

I was gravely disappointed by almost 95% of the wines that I bought at that time. Though there were a few outstanding wines that truly had an individuality and uniqueness, I feel that the majority of them were simply riding on the coattails of the sensationalists.

I stopped buying Pomerol and over the years I took note of the fact that the wine journals were not talking about Pomerol as much either. I assumed that the wine world had had a similar experience to my own.

Since then I have had a few Pomerol, some terribly over priced and over rated but some quite excellent, enough so that I feel as though I have gathered a sense of a Pomerol specific palate, a profile that is unique to itself and exceptionally good when it achieves this uniqueness, even at the lower end of the price spectrum.

Cutting to the chase, today’s wine is the 2006 Chateau Garderose Lalande De Pomerol and it is one of the most distinctive wines from the entire Bordeaux Presale. We are on the last three offerings from this presale and as you may have guessed we have saved the best for last. Besides the Chevalier de Lascombes which we had to offer early to secure our allotment, these last three wines are what Evan, Rives and I considered the best.

The Chateau Garderose is an awesome Pomerol at a freaking steal of a price. The first words in my notes are “Distinctly Pomerol” and I swear I could have nailed that in a blind tasting… well maybe, but you get the idea. Full bodied and lush but soft around the edges, a bit of tobaccoy nuance coming through from the bottle age. The bigness here is a rounded bigness of fully ripe tannins giving a sense of powerful yet soft wine, decadent to drink. It is almost worth grilling a steak just to have the aroma in the background as you sip this wine, that’s the sort of flavor we’re talking here.

If you are a Bordeaux fan and are still struggling with the ‘Pomerol palate’ as I was you must try this wine. And truly if you like Bordeaux at all you will want a lot of this wine as it is a flavor profile that is recognizable as excellent and yet just different enough to be new all over again, like when they released the Bob Dylan bootleg series and you listened to some of those rough cuts and thought ‘damn, he was a genius.’

An unbelievable experience. I highly recommend this wine to everyone, every palate type and for almost all occasions.

2006 2006 Chateau Garderose Lalande De Pomerol
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $13.39 • Premier Cru: $13.99 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $18.25
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