Piedmont Bliss – A Wine Spectator top 100?

Piedmont Bliss – A Wine Spectator top 100?

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In our never-ending quest to bring you the best wines we can at the best prices anywhere, we pursue any number of different means to source new ideas for potential offerings. This one comes from Wine Spectator Advance, a publication they issue to subscribers that highlights wines that will be highly rated in their upcoming issue so that folks can get a jump on them. They don’t proactively send it around; it must be accessed from their website, and therefore oftentimes we can find nuggets in there before even the distributors know what they’ve got on their hands. This is one such occasion…

This offer follows up on the heels of one of our recent themes, that being my recent trip to the Piedmont region in Italy. As I’ve mentioned, the 2007 vintage is an outstanding one there, with particularly ripe and accessible wines being made throughout the region. The 2007 Barolos won’t be available for another year, but the higher-end Barberas are now in market and showing really well (recall the 07 Vajra Barbera Superiore from the tasting we did? Awesome…)

The 2007 Borgono Barbera d’Alba Superiore is made by Giacomo Borgogno, one of the oldest estates in Barolo and a place I toured and tasted at while on my trip. Located right next to the castle in the town of Barolo, they claimed that Borgogno was the wine supplier to the Archduke or whomever lived their for more than 100 years. Here’s more from their importer’s website:

Giacomo Borgogno & Figli is considered a dynasty of Barolo. This historic house prides itself as being a harbinger of the traditional style. The estate was founded in 1761, although today the family cites 1848 as the date of official establishment, coinciding with a document dated 1848 that attests to Borgogno’s first wine sale. The vineyards, approximately 50 acres (20.25 ha) thereof, are found in the greatest sites within the Barolo commune – including Liste, Fossati and San Pietro.

Whatever the case, this is an incredibly old school producer that was recently acquired by wealthy financier who has invested enormous sums of money into all facets of the operation over the past few years. They now have one of the most fashionable tasting rooms in the Barolo region, and state of the art equipment supplementing what are generally pretty traditional winemaking techniques.

While I unfortunately didn’t taste this particular wine on my visit to the domaine, it caught my attention when listed last week in Wine Spectator Advance with the following review and rating:

93 Points. This is deep, offering black cherry, licorice and floral aromas and flavors matched to a vibrant, mouthwatering profile.
Shows superb balance and intensity, with a long aftertaste of cassis and mineral. Drink now through 2014.—B.S.

So I immediately jumped on a bottle and drank it Sunday night. This is really classy stuff — I agree wholeheartedly with their tasting note, as I got lots of dried cherries, cloves and licorice on the palate and was really impressed with the class, complexity and balance of the wine.

At the retail price point they quoted of $19, this is an absolute steal, and that score/price ratio makes this wine highly likely to crack the Wine Spectator Top 100 report at the end of the year (if not the top 50, or higher). But at the price at which the Guild can offer it? This is a no brainer:

This is a great wine for drinking now, but has the ability to age nicely for 5-10 years as well. Get in on this one now, and cackle with glee when this review hits the wire and everyone is falling over themselves to find this wine…

2007 Borgono Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Piedmont, Italy
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $15.39 • Premier Cru: $16.09 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $19.00
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