My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard!

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And because I am not a hot R&B singer like Kelis my milkshake is Graves.

This Graves to be precise. For me there is no finer Bordeaux region than Graves for truly exceptional Bordeaux expression. That’s right Pauillac, ‘it’s better than yours.’ Well at least that is how I feel these days.

Put briefly, Graves brings in it’s youth the sort of nuance and complexity one hopes to get from many of the finer Bordeaux after years of aging. Get a fairly decent bottle from Graves and you will have something extraordinary.

Or put another way, this weekend I worked all day in the field, washed up and then prepared a dinner of braised rabbit legs and shoulders from Rabbits I had bred, raised and butchered myself, accompanied by field greens and roasted beets from my garden followed by the sauteed loin of Rabbit in a Basil Butter sauce with glazed carrots all from our own holdings. The meal came out perfectly and we relaxed to digest the fare in front of the outstanding film ‘The King’s Speech’ while nibbling at some homemade bread and fresh Rabbit liver pate. It was then that I opened the bottle of 2000 Chateau Haut Bergey, a Graves of excellent standing that I have had in my cellar since release. Perhaps it was the day of hard work, the meal, the film or the outstanding pate but this was one of the finest bottles of wine I have had in so long a time.

Graves is my current niche wine love affair and no one out there with any type of palate will miss the wonders that this type of Bordeaux can bring. I do not have the Haut Bergey to sell you today. That wine is available in the current vintage and sells for about $60-$75 a bottle. The wine I have is from the Bordeuax presale, I had never heard of it before and yet at less than half the price I would put it next to the Haut Bergey in a tasting as a complete peer, any time, any place, in front of any wine critic.

The 2008 Chateau Pontet Cailou is just awesome Bordeaux. Classic, classic, classic Graves from the sub-region of Pessac Leognan where the hallowed Haut Brion sits. There are flavors of sweet tobacco, cedar, and dried currant, a big heady mouth feel and long elegant finish. The story about Rabbit above was basically because I was just geeked to have pulled off such a great meal and wanted to tell you about it but the link I was trying to make was, how do you complete a perfect scene? And that is what this Bordeaux is for me.

A great price for an awesome, Frenchy styled Bordeaux that will be a great youthful drink now or ten years from vintage cellar pick that won’t break the bank.

2008 Chateau Pontet Cailou. Pessac Leognan
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $20.99 • Premier Cru: $21.95 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $33.50
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