Months with an ‘R’ in them

Months with an ‘R’ in them

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Autumn through early Spring is the best time of year in my book. You have to wonder if Jefferson planned it that way when he first named the months of the year. However it happened, September through April is one stunning and exciting time, not just because of the natural beauty during the Fall, Winter and Spring and the break from the heat but because eating and drinking wine is at its best during the ‘R’ month seasons.

The phrase itself comes from the rule of thumb about eating oysters. Only do it when there is an ‘R’ in the month or else it is too warm and the chances of getting a bad one that much more risky. Personally I love oysters. Heck I love any food that acquiring the taste for begins with a dare. Let’s face it no one pops back one of those little slimy, salty, cold, mushy creatures and says, “oh my gosh where has this incredible flavor and texture combination been hiding my whole life” You have to want it at first, but once you get it there is something to them, delicate, subtle, refreshing and invigorating.

October is right around the bend and I am thinking oysters. And when I start thinking oysters I start thinking Muscadet. Classically the best oyster pairing wine and contemporarily a competitive white wine to rival even some of Burgundy’s famed whites. Muscadet is a perennially delicious and crisp white wine that can basically do anything.

The wine I have today is one of those that can do anything, 2009 Domaine de la Pepiere. Muscadet, Sevre et Maine, Sur Lie. Like a titled monarch, all of the parts of this wines name mean something special. Great vintage, great producer, top growing region, best style (in that order). My notes are written in caps, “REALLY FULL, RIPE MINERALS” and then next to that I have written, “if that makes sense.” Well to me it made sense.

This wine is delicious, it is a stand alone sipping Muscadet that may become your new favorite dry white wine around the house. Save those Sauv Blancs for next Summer folks. The crisp minerality is pronounced and delicious, there is a creaminess to the texture and the wine delivers a very long and layered finish. Truly one of the best Muscadet I have had in a while.

It will take something great to pry me away from wanting to drink this one all season. This baby can stand up to almost any chicken or fish dish, it is great on its own and of course it is the perfect accompaniment for oysters. Don’t forget Guild members get a 10% discount at Seafood at West Main. I highly recommend this wine.

2009 Domaine de la Pepiere. Muscadet, Sevre et Maine, Sur Lie
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