Magical Gruner Veltliner

Magical Gruner Veltliner

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It’s going to be hot as Hades today and looks like it will be again all next week. So it is time to induce some ‘reverse ritual magic’ to balance the effect. That is what I call it when us mortals try to take fate into our own hands and skew it a bit to our favor. Often you see this in the form of knocking on wood to reverse the possibility of a verbal jinx, you get the idea. I often use wine to torque the cosmos. When I am feeling moments of desperation due to monetary problems, I will take a breath, create a fine dinner, and open some of my most expensive wines. This somehow has a balancing effect. Who cares if we’re broke, we’re drinking Krug Rose with oysters, etc…Then at least I have shed the mental barrier that can make it so hard to get back up again.

So what is the reverse ritual magic for heat? Well, from what I have tasted lately, it is none other than the Nikolaihof Gruner Veltliner “Hefeabzug.” Let’s pocket some facts before moving on. Nikolaihof may be the finest Gruner producer in Austria, certainly in the top 5, and my personal favorite.This is a beloved estate of the importer Terry Thiese. The wines are certified Biodynamic. Almost any Nikolaihof wine will change your life. That is a true statement, and you will rethink Austria if you get your hands on one of these bad boys.

Did I mention we only have 2 cases available?

I flipped out for this Gruner. It is awesome, very much in the Sauvignon Blanc area of taste association. Crisp, clean, with an almost Shpritz feel from the iconic Gruner spice. A refreshing wine that speaks its quality before all other things. Chill this wine down cold and take a moment next week to stand facing the sun, glass in hand, and defeat the idea of heat with every sip. Or better still, have some friends over for ham biscuits and pimento cheese (the perfect accompaniment for Gruner). Those stalwart Chardonnay guzzlers will be instant converts. One sip and its spring again, at least it was for me.

Nikolaihof Gruner Veltliner “Hefeabzug”
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Retail Price: $30.00
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