It’s Champagne Season, Part 1

It’s Champagne Season, Part 1

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Well, Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. Christmas and New Years will then follow. It all happens so fast, and as cliche as it may be it is truly my favorite time of year.

This is the time for feasting and wine. This is the time for Champagne!!!

Of course many of us try to make the argument that any time is the time for Champagne. It’s true, Champagne should not be saved for only special occasions, it is fun, it is delicious, it is refreshing and it can turn around a crappy day in a heart beat.

Every year I try to find a handful of affordable Champagnes to offer out to the group for those who believe this and like to have a couple good ones in their artillery to complete a scene or make an ordinary evening special.

I have been working hard and have found a few small grower Champagnes with tons of individuality and style, unarguably forward and distinct flavor and rich finesse. Also, and importantly, at a price point for opening with some regularity.

Today I want to talk about the Andre Clouet, Brut a Bouzy. Grand Reserve MV (multi vintage). This Champagne is made from 100% Pinot Noir in one of my favorite Grand Cru villages Bouzy. This is a return to the full biscuity-style Champagnes that always make me think of the Belle Epoch. They are glorious wines, Baroque in both flavor and mouthfeel.

The Clouet vineyards are handled organically. Much of the production is sold off to Big House Champagnes but Andre Clouet saves the best fruit for his own bottling. The wine spends 6 years on the lees giving it that full rich mouth feel and weighty presence.

This is an unbelievable Champagne that will stand up to any meal. It would make for a tremendous start to Thanksgiving, and what you hide from your family you can enjoy through the feast by yourself.

I highly recommend this Champagne. Even non Champagne drinkers will stand in awe of its utter deliciousness and what has become my favorite virtue in wine and food,craveability!

Andre Clouet ‘Brut a Bouzy’ Grand Reserve Champagne MV
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $36.66 • Premier Cru: $38.33[/private_member]
Retail Price: ~$50.00
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