Give A Dawg a Rhone

Give A Dawg a Rhone

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There was another wine that stood out for me during that Board meeting last week. It may be inappropriate to tell a specific number of wines we tasted that night. Let’s just say it was a lot of work. Also as a side note, we opened one of those Pruditorri Barberesco’s which are not only approachable right now but phenomenal, top and outstanding wines. There are a few more in stock and if you are looking for an epic wine this holiday feasting season you need look no further.

Today I have a Rhone that I think will be outstanding for Thanksgiving. Not every Rhone is perfect for this meal as far as I am concerned but many are more than perfect. A good aged Chateaunuef du Pape is ideal. Other than that it needs to be a great quality, ‘old school’ Rhone with some age to be appropriate for this meal for me. There is the odd exception and that is usually a Grenache heavy blend from a down to earth producer.

The 2009 Domaine La Cabotte, Cotes du Rhone ‘Colline’ is 65% Grenache. It is almost Rousillon in its ripeness and extraction but that is probably because 2009 is quickly being regarded as ONE OF THE GREATEST VINTAGES YET in France. Sorry I had to raise my voice there but I really want to hammer this home, 2009 rocks, according to all the press and so far according to everything I have tasted.

La Cabotte is certified Demeter which is the European Biodynamic certification. These are naturally made wines with a perfect harness on fruit and rustic earth tones. Kevin Sidders took one sniff, looked at me and said “Your going to like this one.” He was right, this is great young Rhone, excellent for drinking now and with it’s dried and spiced fruit components it is going to be perfect with all the flavors of Thanksgiving. Think figs and spiced grapes, dried herbs, purple fruits, like plum and even prune.

A great wine for all your Dawgs. Every palate will like this one and it will be perfect with the Bird.

2009 Domaine La Cabotte, Cotes du Rhone ‘Colline’
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