Fantastic Italian Red

Fantastic Italian Red

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This is what you might call an Italian Table Wine, meaning, it’s under $10 and good for many meals and situations. What sets this particular wine apart from that rather general category of lower priced wines is that this wine is unbelievably fantastic.

Absolutely no hyperbole, I would have been happy paying $16-$18 for this Dolcetto.

I first tasted the wine over a month ago with the sales rep. You may remember as I offered the Barberesco from the same estate. I wanted to offer the Dolcetto then but the 200 cases they had in stock were immediately purchased by another retailer in the Northern Virginia area. I have been waiting for its return to offer out and it is finally back.

This wine marks maybe one of three for the year in the category of drinking quality that at double its price point would still have you thinking it was a steal. The flavor reminded me of a quality of Dolcetto I had not had in some time, deep and brooding tart berry flavors, ruby velvet in both color and feel with a good tannic grip to let you know you have something of worth to bight on to.

This is a tremendously solid red that is priced for everyday drinking. It is my #1 holiday red wine pick as it will please almost all of your guests whilst having the unique ability of also being delightful to you as well.

My highest recommendations for this quality and price point

2009 Franco Serra. Dolcetto
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $8.06 • Premier Cru: $8.42 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $10.99
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