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This is one of those Italian white wines that none of us gets the opportunity to drink enough of. Falanghina is a grape from the Southern part of Italy, inland from Naples in the Irpinia DOC. Admittedly, this is not a region I see a lot of wine from. It is a part of Italy where one can still find hidden gems that represent great value.

Falanghina is classically dry and crisp, typically a refreshing food wine with a bitter almond resonance. For me it is one of those beautiful innocuous table wines one rarely sees outside of Europe that can be a part of a meal without ever becoming the focus. It is a gulper, a refresher, a cleanser, in short it is a light refreshing white wine with a pleasant almondy taste and clean minerality.

The 2010 Terredora Dipaolo Falanghina is a wonderful expression of this standard. It is a crisp, goes-with-everything table wine, the kind that everyone should have a chilled bottle of at all times, precisely because it goes with almost any occasion. Refreshing on its own and versatile with every meal, I highly recommend this wine in the way that I would highly recommend wearing pants, it is both obvious and necessary for daily life.

2010 Terredora Dipaolo Falanghina
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