Excellent Chardonnay! From Sancerre?

Excellent Chardonnay! From Sancerre?

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I have to take a break before I offer you the final two Bordeaux as I tasted some fantastic White wines this past week and they should be gotten into right away.

One of the finest Sancerre producers in production is Alphonse Mellot. His white Sancerre is sublime garnering the highest ratings and praise in the region. His reds are at the very top of the class inspiring many people to look more seriously at Sancerre for the next great Pinot Noir producing area in the world. In fact his Pinot is so good it makes one wonder if these guys have a secret special place in their heart for their not too distant neighbors to the East in Burgundy.

One of the first things you hear about when you become a Loire/Burgundy palated wine geek is that the same limestone, chalky earth that gives Sancerre its distinct, crisp freshness runs in a vein of geographical, plate type connectedness all the way up to Chablis. A lot of people note the connectedness of these areas because of this.

So let me tie this all together. Alphonse Mellot from Sancerre has travlled East a bit up this Calciferous land vein between the Loire and Burgundy and is growing and making a fantastic Chardonnay in a Vin de Pays I have never heard of, Coteaux Charitois.

This was a genius move and the wine shows it. What we have here is a Chardonnay that is made like a Sancerre and drinks like an awesome White Burgundy. There is no oak and for me this was one of the cleanest and purest expressions of Chardonnay I have had in a long time. Big, ripe round fruit, great acidity and overall palate presence. An excellent drinker for new world Chard drinkers and old world white drinkers alike.

If you are typically a California Chard drinker I recommend this one to you with the highest enthusiasm as it is the style I think most Cali producers try to emulate when not using oak.

This is one of my favorite finds in white wines this season and I highly recommend this one to everyone. A high class wine to have for yourself and a wower for guests. Also it is a Chardonnay that will go wonderfully with a wide range of foods.

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