Delicious Tempranillo

Delicious Tempranillo

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Today I bring you the 2009 Bodegas Epifanio Rivera ‘Erial’ Ribera del Duero. This wine is 100% Tempranillo and a top wine in a category I do not focus enough on, pure deliciousness.

Don’t get me wrong, all the wines I enjoy are high on the deliciousness scale, it’s just that I am a pure Platonist when it comes to my wine, they must “teach and delight.” An aesthetic in art that went unchallenged really until the late Victorians, in a response to John Ruskin’s sublime articulation of the ‘art for the sake of truth’ creed early in that era, began to chant in high volume the battle hymn of Art for Art’s sake. The Aesthetic that we hardly notice anymore as we have received it so wholly.

Sorry, my inner English major still yearns for control.

The point is this wine is deliciousness for deliciousness sake. I suppose this is what Parker is talking about when he calls a wine hedonistic.

The 2009 Bodegas Epifanio Rivera ‘Erial’ Ribera del Duero is seasoned perfectly with both French and American oak, it is full bodied but precisely rounded so that the fruit comes off all soft and velvet and not sharp and weighty like jam. I would not go so far as to call it hedonistic, its me after all and the wine retains a composure of pin point elegance for the level of richness it brings. A Spanish wine in the new world style, dark, ripe and in all cases opulent. This is a show stopper cocktail wine that would be perfectly at home at any top shelf cook out.

I highly recommend this wine. It is the kind of wine that put Spain on the map, iconic in it’s adherence to the new world Spanish style yet individual in it’s apparent quality. A gulping wine of the highest order.

2009 Bodegas Epifanio Rivera ‘Erial’ Ribera del Duero
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