DEFCON 5: Champagne

DEFCON 5: Champagne

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Out of nowhere a Defcon 5 wine has entered our arena. If you are new, a Defcon 5 wine is a wine that the majority of Guild Board members feels is at the top of its Quality for Price Ratio (QPR). These wines are the best of the best, the top of their category whatever that category may be. This is our 4th Defcon 5 wine in 3 years, it is a rare thing for us.

Last Thursday night as Charlottesville was ravaged by storm and many of us were without power a Guild member sent an invite around for the Board to come and drink rare white wines, Champagnes and rose. Many of us grabbed ice and hit our cellars for wines we thought would be interesting and ready to drink.

It was dark by the time we were able to gather, trees were everywhere and there was no power. Candles lit, we began turning our various bottles in the make shift ice baths we had brought to properly chill them. And then the call went out for food. Micheal Davis and I jumped in the car to see what we could find. Harris Teeter was open and so we rushed in to find grillable meats. No luck, they were open but they had pulled all perishable items from the shelves, the options were few. After much searching we had complied a meal of Country Ham, Red Cow (non perishable?) spreadable Swiss cheese wedges, breads, salami, peanuts and chips. It was the best we could do.

We got back to the house, Vincent, owner of Bizou and Bang, had shown up and was grilling some bread dough with a little oil and rosemary. We handed him the ham and he went to work. It was an elegant little dinner based around the grilled flat bread and the Red Cow Swiss and country ham rolls we prepared on the grill. A perfect accompaniment to the line up of epic wines. I will list but a few:

    2000 Mallard, Corton Charlemagne
    2007 Mt Eden Chardonnay
    2002 Bott Geyl Riesling
    2002 Domain Closel Savennières Clos Pappillon
    2008 Francois Cotat Sancerre
    1995 Chateau Simone Blanc

There were many great bottles, some Champagne and a fantastic little desert wine from a rare aoc in the Minervois but the wine of the night, the wine that turned every head and had us all gasping in awe of its perfect composition was the Lancelot Royer, NV Blanc des Blancs, Cuvee des Chevaliers.

The Champagne is from the town of Cremant. Not to be confused with the term Cremant that has been stolen by many other producers of sparkling wine: Cremant de Alsace, Cremant de Bourgogne etc… They have stolen this towns name specifically because of the prestige of Champagne making that goes on in this village. More specifically applied to the tininess of bubbles that gives Cremant the rich, creamy elegance that its name so marvelously invokes.

The Lancelot Royer contains all of this. It has been a favorite Champagne for a few of us for quite some time. Last year we were told that the wine would no longer be imported into the States. We complained, we grumbled, we freaked out a little but had no word on the wine. Our rep for the distributor insisted from his company that they bring in some more for us, maybe, for him, certainly. This rep was there on Thursday night and the bottle was his way of telling us that only 10 cases had been brought into Virginia for us.

This is a perfect Champagne at an unbelievable price. It pantses 90% of the Champagne I have had at double the cost. It is well made and will age well if you would like to save it for the holidays this year or in the ones to come. It is also a beautiful way to enjoy the summer heat as we at the Guild believe firmly in the “Don’t wait for a special occasion to drink Champagne, opening the bottle makes any occasion special” line of thinking.

I can not speak highly enough of the wine. I will include that Tanzer gave it 91 points. Other than that all I can tell you is that we at the Guild believe it is one of the best in its class (NV Champagne). It will not last long. Cheers!

Lancelot Royer, NV ‘Cuvee des Chevelier’ Blanc des Blancs. Cremant.
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $34.10 • Premier Cru: $35.65 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $46.50
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