Curve Ball – Lambrusco & Tavalo

Curve Ball – Lambrusco & Tavalo

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Lisa and I were actually able to get out for dinner the other night. This never happens. I let Lisa pick the restaurant as I am usually the one dragging her to places “I have to try.” Lisa picked Tavola as she has often lamented the lack of good Italian in this town and her NJ roots keep her desiring the food she was raised on.

The restaurant was quite good as many members already know, and we both highly recommend it. That evening I was in a funny mood and not really leaning towards red or white wine. I was looking through the Sparkling offers and considering a pricey Champagne but could not pull the trigger there either. I went back to the reds and that’s when I saw it, Lambrusco. I have always considered Lambrusco as sort of a silly 1960’s wine for Americans who really didn’t like wine. Perhaps I am off with that but for some reason that was what has stuck in my mind over the years.

I did remember tasting some really interesting Lambrusco with a wine rep a year or so ago and thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try, at least it will be different. I was wonderfully surprised. Unbeknown to me this was exactly what I wanted to be drinking and Lisa hardly got any.

If you don’t know, Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine from Italy. It is often done in a sweeter style. This one had ‘Secco’ written across the label and as promised it was a dry red wine. Medium in body with a nice spritzy sparkle to it, great fruit but with good acidity, clean and even mineraly flavors. This was an awesome and enjoyable wine. It was the perfect pairing to my Carpaccio and my entree of Penne with Morels, fresh peas and cream. Moreover it was just an enjoyable light wine delivering a completely different experience and was a nice break from the norm.

I e-mailed the distributor right away when I got home. His response was one of gratitude and I know what he meant, ‘finally’, he intimated ‘someone who gets this wine.’ I have had the same feeling many times myself. There is nothing more gratifying to a wine seller then when someone gets an off the beaten track great wine that you love.

The long and short is that there are only about 10 cases arriving in a week or so and then it is gone for several months. Please try this wine, really, it is just so well done and interesting it deserves our consideration. As a side note this is the only Lambrusco ever to win a “Tre Biccherri” from Gambero Rosso in Italy. Which is their version of a mid 90 point wine or something like that.

Anyway, Enjoy.

2008 Chiarli Estate “Vecchia Modena” Premium Lambrusco
Retail price before [member discount|Our members save an average of 25% off the normal retail prices. As a courtesy to the retail wine industry we do not publish our prices.] $15.00 • Buy this wine!

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