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I have been on a total Cabernet Franc kick lately, specifically Loire Valley Cabernet Franc from Saumur and Chinon. I don’t know why, I suppose I find it a ‘somewhere in between’ style that has the lightness and complexity from acidity that Pinot has along with the body and tannic structure Cabernet has. Even if that is oversimplifying the matter, Cab Franc seems to take the shape of wine for me when I do not want something too perfumed or too ripe.

There was an awesome Saumur Champigny offer lately but we were not able to get enough to make an offer on it. I did put a few bottles on the floor, however, and I highly recommend dropping in this week Wed-Fri to get a bottle from Ann. Looking for something there was enough of, I stumbled on the Couly Dutheil 2009 ‘Les Gravieres’ Chinon.

Now 2009 is supposed to be the new epic vintage from almost all over France but for me that can mean the already ripe areas like The Rhone will be sending us over ripe, high alcohol wines that are simply too much. The places I look in an extremely ripe vintage are the areas that can sometimes err on being under ripe as in certain parts of Loire and Bourgogne level Burgundies.

These places will offer the greatest finds from this vintage.

The 2009 Couly Dutheil ‘Les Gravieres’ Chinon is my finest first find for Franc this Spring. This is a young, every day drinking Chinon. Beautifully ripe tannins, Almost playfully ripe fruit, with classic Chinon cedar and leaf notes to round out the balance. This is just an awesome and refreshing red to be drunk at all times, the basic bottling from one of the top 5 producers in Chinon.

The quality from this domain astonishes me every year. They are one of the most consistent producers in the lot and in a good year they are triumphant. I highly recommend this wine to all palate types and for all occasions. It is a great introduction to the style and for those already sold on the style, it is a great meat and potato wine between the top bottlings I will be throwing your way soon.

2009 Couly Dutheil ‘Les Gravieres’ Chinon
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