Black Wine

Black Wine

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This wine is a powerhouse for under $15.00. Cahors is the region in France whose wines were given the name ‘Black Wine’. This is because of the Malbec which is by nature deep and dark in color. This is where the Malbec has its home prior to finding such tremendous growing potential in Argentina.

Cahors is a part of France’s South West region which I believe to be one of the most exciting areas because of the innovation going on there currently. It has always been a region of powerful wines but is now emerging into a region of beauty and finesse as well. Maybe that is going too far, let’s just say they are bringing an extremely compelling approachability to the power of the Black Wine.

Today I have for you the Chateau du Cedre, Cahor ‘Heritage.’ I almost offered this wine out last year because I loved it so much. Last year, however, we had the unbelievably good Cahors from Ch. Monplaisir and as good as this wine was in 2008 it had nothing on the Monplaisir (You may recall that was incredible Cahors).

We are now on the “great” 2009 vintage and this basic wine from Cahors leading estate Chateau Cedre, which is about $3 less than the Monplaisir, has trumped all opposition in its class.

I tasted this wine 2 weeks ago when the importer had just brought in 200 cases. I was told yesterday when inquiring about the wine that they are already sold out and wont be receiving more until the week after next but if we wanted any we better get our orders in pronto. So read carefully…

This is unbelievably good Malbec with all the ripeness you want from Argentina held together by the structure of a great French wine estate. The fruit is ripe, dark with chewy mature tannins and just the right weight on the palate. The finesse is all in the length, like a great wine you don’t want to end that shows more and more as it lingers on your tongue. Couch that in the fact that this is no finesse wine, this is a beast of flavor and perfectly weighted structure and you get the idea.

I guess all that is just fancy for saying this is one hell of a full bodied red wine for thirteen bucks.

A top Malbec in its class and a trophy piece for entry level Cahors, I recommend this one to every palate for any time, though only pair it with foods that can take a big red.

We will take orders now and tell you when the wine arrives. I expect delivery no later than the 23d of Dec. Stock up as this is a great inexpensive wine to cellar for a few years though it is approachable at any point.

I have included a little about the estate below for further reading if you wish.

2009 Chateau du Cedre, Cahor ‘Heritage.’
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $9.35 • Premier Cru: $9.78 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $12.75
Buy Now!

PS. The entire time I was writing this e-mail I had done the math wrong in my head and thought this was going to be $13. For under $10 Grand Cru this is a mind blowingly good price for the quality of this wine, the best QPR (quality for price ratio) I have been able to offer in recent memory.

The 2007 vintage garnered a median score of 90 points. No reviews have been submitted for 08 or 09.

The estate is on the Lot Valley’s second terrace and is divided into three parcels comprising the two better soil types found in the Cahors region. The biggest parcel of 12.5 ha to the east with a south-western exposure is chalky and rocky which contributes to the heat and water levels, yielding wines with very fine tannins and very long. The other two parcels of 5.5 ha and 7.5 ha, both south-facing are covered with galets mixed with reddish ferruginous sand at the surface and clay with flint below; the wines are stronger and more alcoholic.

The estate is essentially organic without having the Ecocert stamp on the label. No herbicides are used, there is no spraying against rot and only organic compost is used since 1988.

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