Autumn’s Rose

Autumn’s Rose

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Last evening, with the help of some good neighbors, I loaded a rather wild pig onto my trailer for delivery to the abattoir this morning. It was pouring down rain and I was calf deep in mud, I did take one ride landing horizontal in what I like to think was just mud but know deep down wasn’t. Monday I slaughtered my first Turkey for the season along with some Roosters who were unnecessary for our uses. I will eat that Turkey on Friday, I like to give fowl at least five days aging before I roast them.

I love Autumn with all its chores and blessings and I could eat roast Turkey from September to March. It is one of my favorite foods. And along with the foods of Autumn and Winter I begin to think of my favorite wines. This is the great culinary time of the year when foods and wine taste best and for me it is a time to open my best and oldest bottles but also it is a time to revel in the perfect pairing of wine to food at every level.

Like eating soup, I drink Rose all year long. Sure it is crisp and satisfying in the Summer time and many types of Rose even signify Summer to me. But there are many styles of Rose and I’d be a damn fool not to open up the correct ones with the right food no matter what temperature it is outside.

For Thanksgiving and even Christmas time this year I am thrilled to be recommending a Virginia Rose. From newest label in town, the 2010 Knights Gambit, Rose is utterly delicious. With a light natural effervescence and medium crisp body this wine is enjoyable, palate cleansing and thoroughly gulpable. The Rose is 100% Merlot with 3-4 cold macerations followed by pressing then neutral barrel fermentation, crafted by local wine hero Michael Shaps and owner Paul Summers this is an excellent effort to be enjoyed by all.

There was not a lot made but the wine has just been released so there should be plenty to load up on to delight guests with a delicious example of what we do here in Virginia all season long. I recommend this wine to all palate types, it is a stunning dry rose distinctly in the old world style, it will be perfect for almost any meal and an no brainer cocktail wine.

2010 Knights Gambit, Rose
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