Another Bordeaux In Your Life

Another Bordeaux In Your Life

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Just what you need eh? Another Bordeaux in your life. Well if you are like me than you can not have too many good inexpensive Bordeaux in your life, in fact there is nothing I would rather reach for all year long when I am not tapping into “the good stuff” than a well made under $12 Bordeaux.

Yesterday I tasted a fantastic Bordeaux that is the clear pick for today’s e-mail. After the line up of California wines, After the Spanish, after the Southern French wines and the Rhone came in one of our top Bordeaux suppliers with this little number and it blew them all away. There were some fantastic inexpensive wines tasted yesterday though and let me remind you all again that we usually always have access to some unbelievably great wines in the $6/$7 price range for caterings, parties or large events. Yesterday I tasted some great red, white and rose that were all under $7, some even closer to $5 a bottle, its just that this Bordeaux trumped them all for the QPR (Quality for Price Ratio). That said, I, as well as many others out there, like to keep a case of $6 wine around to stave off the inlaws and ‘don’t care’ guests from drinking my good wines or even my good under $12 house wines.

If you are in need of something like this let me know at any time, usually I have something good, right now I have some great ones. But on to the Bordeaux.

This is a 2003 from Chateau Lescalle and it is located in the Macau area of the Medoc though its AOC is Bordeaux Superior.

Vintage Check: remember the wines from 2003 in Europe? That was the unbelievably hot year when everything got super ripe and was delicious to drink right off of the boat. It was a great year for drinking top Burgundies and Bordeaux young, if that’s your thing, but even with the ripeness of fruit and low quantities of acid many of the wines have held up beautifully over time and still posses the ripeness and utter deliciousness.

The wine opened up with a beautiful and very distinct nose, this baby had place. I could not put my finger on it but then someone said it, Margaux! Of course, we looked it up and found that Macau is just north of the city of Bordeaux itself on the southern border of Margaux. ‘Sure but lots of wines can border greatness and take nothing from it’ you say? I agree but then often you can find a border area that has all the charm of le meme chose, the thing itself, and you are delighted to have not had to pay for a name.

The palate followed suit with considerable charm. For me it began with a mediumness of weight and finish but as it opened, as the wine breathed out, it became fleshy and whole, soft and velvety with excellent fruit and just the right amount of nuance from its time in the bottle. Stephanie, Evan, Kevin and I agreed it was a fantastic wine to be our next everyday Bordeaux pick.

Here are the specs:


65% Merlot
15% Cabernet Sauvignon
10% Petit Verdot
10% Cabernet Franc

This pretty little château was built by Emmanuel Tessandier in 1875 in Macau, which lies at the beginning of the Haut-Médoc. He surrounded his family’s home with vineyards, but was unhappily forced to divide his time between his bucolic life as a vigneron and his day job in Le Havre, where he had made his fortune creating and operating one of the world’s largest shipbuilding yards. Today, the winemaking at Château Lescalle is still done in the classic Médoc style. Vineyard manager Claude Gaudin rigorously follows several basic principles. Extremely dense planting of the vines (up to 5000 vines per hectare) naturally limits the yields and increases the intensity of the fruit. A long maceration ensures full extraction of the fruit flavors and is followed by aging in barriques with a just touch of new oak. The resulting wines drink more like a good Médoc Cru Bourgeois than a simple Bordeaux Supérieur. They are medium-bodied and intensely fruity, with a deep red robe. The bouquet is one of black and red fruits with a hint of vanilla. On the palate, the wine is full of fruit with an elegantly firm structure and restrained tannins. It is an ideal match for poultry in cream sauce, grilled and roasted meats, or a simple plate of country bread with aged, sharp cheese.

I agree, this is great wine for food or on its own, a wine of many purposes and I recommend it to every palate type.

2003 Chateau Lescalle, Bordeaux Supérieur
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $10.45 • Premier Cru: $10.93 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $15.00
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