An everyday Bordeaux from the awesome ’09

An everyday Bordeaux from the awesome ’09

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As much as I will try to stock my cellar with top picks from a great ripe vintage, the real plus for me is finding a slew of great wines at the lower price points that might not fair as well in more avreage years. These are true treasures as they only happen when the vintage is the right kind of ripe and the vintner can put some really good fruit in a sub $10 wine.

The “Basic Table Wine” category winner for me, Rives, Evan from the Specialty imports Bordeaux tasting was the 2009 Chateau Boutillot. A wine with little else to distinguish it beside tasting so darn good. It is simply an AOC Bordeaux made from almost 50/50 Merlot and Cabernet but this wine has an impressive amount of ripe fruit and firm tannin, it’s got body, build and character, and the particular distinctive Cassis character that makes this wine a truly classic Bordeaux.

Now this is the softer, fuller style, not quite New World but distinctly compatible with a New World palate if you know what I mean. This is a Bordeaux for every palate and many foods, it will be a great steak and burger wine all summer long and if Bordeaux is your thing, this is a another ridiculously low priced for the quality gem to have at hand by the case.

I recommend this baby to everyone. Please remember that this wine does not ship until Mid June. We will try to fill as many orders as we can from our pre-buy lot.

2009 Chateau Boutillot
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