Almost Brunello

Almost Brunello

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I am on my third bottle of Castello Di Argiano’s 2008 Monteleccio “Sesti” this week. With all of my recent love for the Piedmont wines Kevin and Michael have been turning me on to, one after another changing my drinking habits to their bent, I had almost forgotten my love for Tuscany and its tremendous Sangiovese.

Here are the facts that I know: The wine is a Kermit Lynch import which for me in the wine world is like saying, “Julia Childe cooked this” in the food world. This is a very small producer of Brunello in Tuscany’s Montalcino and is run by a father/daughter team dedicated to sustainable agriculture and excellently suave wine. I could find little points or press for the wine except that the boys on Cellartracker loved it, one suggesting to buy several cases and another talking about raising the bottle to savor the few last drops. The many other retail sights go on and on about the wines Brunello like quality often siting that this bottling drinks better than many Brunello on the market.

I concur with all of these statements,

Often I have talked about the two general styles of Sangiovese in Tuscany. The one fuller, dense and meaty, lush, velvety fruit, delicious, point worthy juice that appeals to a wide market palate and is unquestionably yummy. The other, refined, suave, dignified, elevating, the place where Sangio. finds it footstep to the eternal. Not every Sangiovese in this second style reaches the transcendent but it is only in this style where it can be found.

The 2008 Monteleccio ‘Sesti’ is an excellent wine from this second style. The composition finds a kindred harmony with the better styles from both Piedmont and Burgundy, there is a stylistic concordance here. The wine is elegant, showing its darker and broader fruit profiles, the medium weight is a balance for the unexpected level of complexity already showing in this rather youthful vintage. Great acid and weight of fruit make this a drink the bottle dry styled wine, meaning the balance here makes this one you will never tire of bottle after bottle, night after night.

I agree with the comments on Cellertracker, this is one to buy by the case and turn up to catch every drop. The high quality level of wine making is as present here as the quality of experience is when being served by a well seasoned owner at his own restaurant. There is age potential for this wine, tremendous and broad culinary potential but each night I have had it I have been happy to sip it alone in my low leather easy chair by the fire.

A tremendous everyday drinking wine, a stunning Sangiovese from a fine Brunello maker in the heart of Brunello country.

Castello Di Argiano’s 2008 Monteleccio “Sesti”
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