A Zin For Every Palate

A Zin For Every Palate

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A Guild member asked me to source a case of Zinfandel for him a few weeks ago. He was raving about the stuff. When I finally found the wine the price was reasonable enough and the member had turned me on to some good wines before so I ordered a few extra bottles to try myself.

I love it when this happens. We are always looking for great wine and appreciate all y’alls suggestions. Often your suggestions can lead to some of the most interesting finds for us, after all this is a cooperative of sorts, you would not be in the Guild if you didn’t have a sense of good wine, so let us know when you taste something awesome. We’re in this together.

The 2006 Peltier Station Zinfandel was unknown to any of us until this point. I brought the wine to the last Guild meeting and poured it for the board to see what everyone thought. The consensus began to mount: A smother style Zin, spicy like a Ripasso is spicy with dried grapes, easy to drink with almost an Old World feel to it, long finish, excellent summer red. People were not jumping out of their seats though, and I, who am not normally a Zinfandel fan, was completely jumping out of my seat for this wine.

“Really?” I asked, “You don’t think this is an unbelievably good Zinfandel?”

“It is quite good” replied the group “But it does not blow my socks off. What is it, $20, maybe $25 bucks?”

“$11 a bottle.” I replied.

“What?” was the response “This is incredible!”

Truly this is a Zinfandel for every palate. It is not a Zin of concentrated fruit and high alcohol. It is not jammy or extracted or anything that a certain professional wine reviewer might want in his Zinfandel. This is a smooth medium bodied Zin, with an earthy dried fruit spiciness, and a long finish heralding a quality of wine making that one would not expect for such an inexpensive bottle.

The Schatz family, owners of Peltier Station, have been growing grapes in the Lodi appellation of California for some time. The vines that are used for this Zinfandel are 45 years old. 2006 marks their first release of only 5000 cases for the entire winery and they have already won several top awards with their wines. This is why I love working with the distributor for this wine. These guys have a solid book of unheard of California producers, many of whom are brand new to the scene and all of which, that I have tasted, offer tremendous value for the quality of wine. Finally we will be able to offer out solid quality everyday drinking California wine.

I highly recommend trying a few bottles of this wine. I was only able to secure 10 cases. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a California winery that is sure to grow into a top name. And that is coming from a stalwart Francophile.

If you are looking for a delicious red wine for this intensely hot summer, I have found it, it is only $11 Grand Cru and it is already here at the Guild. Order early as we will fill orders on a first come first served basis.

2006 Peltier Station, Zinfandel
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $11.00 • Premier Cru: $11.50 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $15.00
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