A Super Tuscan Super Value!

A Super Tuscan Super Value!

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A few weeks ago, Will and I headed out for an evening of fun, doing what us wine geeks enjoy most — talking about how to continue to improve the Guild and drinking good wine! We ended up at Enoteca on the downtown mall, and introduced ourselves to the new manager there who shares our passion for wine. He had recently turned over most of their by-the-glass selections, and tasted us through a number of wines in the course of the evening. Will and I were both impressed by his palate, and a few of the things we tried were revelations. One we’ve already offered — the 2007 Vajra Langhe Nebbiolo, which was a big hit with the membership (so big that, when I went back to order more this week, they were sold out!). Today’s offer is another wine that, while different in style, is every bit as good a value…

The 2006 Poggio alla Querce Bolgheri Il Guado from the Tuscany region of Italy is a wine that neither Will nor I had ever seen before. It turns out it is a direct import from one of our distributors, and a wine they only started carrying just recently. Not only are there no reviews or hardly any public information on this wine (the proprietor’s website is only 4 pages, in Italian), the wine is so new even the distributor couldn’t contribute much. What we do know is that the wine is made by the Pavoletti family, who have been growing grapes since 1956. They started making their own wines in 1999, refining the quality and blend over the years before introducing this specific wine in 2006. The wine is a pretty traditional Super Tuscan blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. Both Will and I were blown away by the typicity and quality of the wine — served blind I would have guessed this would cost $30 or more. We both decided that this was a wine to investigate further…

So I order a bottle for myself a few days later, and was every bit as impressed drinking this wine at home as I was in the restaurant. Here are my detailed notes:

11/8/2009 rated 91 points: Dark ruby color. Expressive nose of tart black cherries and a hint of coffee. On the palate, tart cherries, plums and some anise and a floral note (lavender, maybe?). Good structure, with nice acidity to keep things focused. Medium finish. This is tasty and classy, drinking well now but will only improve with time, and a stellar QPR (Quality to Price Ratio).

We’ve had to wait to offer this fantastic wine for the distributor to get more in stock, but now they say they’re ready to go. Here are the details:

2006 Poggio alla Querce Bolgheri Il Guado, Tuscany, Italy
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $15.39 • Premier Cru: $16.09 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $20.00
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This wine is an exceptional value and I highly recommend it, especially given what little $15 can get you in Bordeaux or Napa cabernet these days. I know I’m in for a bunch more.

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