A Stunning Viognier!

A Stunning Viognier!

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There is nothing you are drinking these days that is as exciting for this time of year as the wine I have for your consideration today. This is a white wine and the various components that converge to bring it to you may make it the only wine capable of completion to your various central Virginia, late spring doings.

The air is still sweet with blossoming trees and wet meadow grass, the sun is not yet so hot that it is unwelcome. This is the perfect time to keep your windows open at night and enjoy the spring night air. And in the afternoon the waning sun, the cool steady breeze, the shade of your porch, the rocking chair, the glass of Viognier that links the entire scene to the eternal.

This is an exciting e-mail for me. This is our first Virginia wine offered by e-mail at the Wine Guild.

I first tasted the wine at The Haiti Relief Wine Auction we held at Veritas Vineyards [Let me reiterate how this event was one of the finest we have done in its elegance, casual ease, flow and flavor. We may do it again next year so keep your eyes out]. The Winery was pouring some of their own wines along with the great Bordeaux that the attendees brought to drink while the auction was in swing. Fellow Guild founder Chris Doran approached me in the middle of the event and demanded to know had I tasted the 2009 Veritas Viognier.

I had not. But I had a full glass of 10 year old Bordeaux and at least 3 more to taste before I was willing to move on. When I finally poured a glass of the Viognier Chris stood by with eager eyes watching. I must explain this is true Wine Geek behavior, there is no greater thrill for the doomed wine geek than to watch his fellow wine geek friend discover a wine he knows will blow him away. As I swirled the wine Chris exclaimed, “see, see?” I saw, I was blown away.

Tasting the Viognier again recently I was confirmed in my feelings. What the wine has that stands out first and foremost is precise balance. This is not cloying Southern France or California Viognier, this is crisp white peaches, fresh sculptured acidity, the correct balance of white fruit flavors of the Viognier grape with a structure I have not had from a white wine in quite some time.

This truly is Virginia white wine in all of its senses. There is something of the sweet meadow air in the nose, something of the white tree blossoms in the bouquet, mid palate and finish. The balance of ease and refinery that is Virginia. This wine is a delicious afternoon porch sipper, it is a great weekend picnic wine, a fantastic cheeseboard and guests wine and a wonderful dinner accompaniment (think local, seasonal dishes. right now: poached Trout with fresh Morels in Cream, sublime)

The deal we are getting on this wine is excellent and unmatched anywhere else in the country. I highly recommend this for everyone to try. Wine maker notes below, Enjoy.

Viognier 2009
The 2009 vintage was categorized as a “wet year” but it didn’t stop mother nature from ripening the fruit beautifully. The 09’ summer created the concentration of intense fruit that Viognier is known for such as peaches and apricots with light floral notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom. The fermentation of this wine was done mainly is stainless steel which helped to keep the natural acidic character of the grape. The richness on the palate was derived from barrel aging “Sur Lies” (on lees) – with “battonage” (stirring) for 6 months. Aging: In its youth, the 09 Viognier will be bright and fruit forward. As the wine ages it will lose acidity slightly and begin to show more richness in mouth feel. Peak for this wine is within 1-3 years from vintage.

2009 Veritas Viognier
Member Price: [private_member] Grand Cru: $14.66 • Premier Cru: $15.33 [/private_member]
Retail Price: $20.00
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