A Riesling Drinker Says What?

A Riesling Drinker Says What?

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Got ya…

Rives and I had requested a couple of red wines to taste the week before last. The Rep showed up with about a half dozen or so that we had selected, mostly Pinot Noir, some good stuff. We were looking for some deals on wine that would be good for August.

So as the wines are lining up, out from the bag comes a non descript looking bottle of German Riesling. Our rep smiled and said that it was just a little something she had tasted lately and really enjoyed. Why not? and so we began the tasting with the Riesling. It was excellent, both Rives and I remarked so. But we were eager to taste the reds we had requested and moved on, taking rigorous notes through a very nice tasting. When it was done, we tasted the Riesling again. Damn it was good. We all spoke for a moment on how difficult it is to sell Riesling.

This is one of the frustrating facts about our side of the wine world. Riesling can be so good and yet so many people just do not get into this wine with the reckless geekery that it deserves.

Rives and I ordered a case anyway to split between ourselves. I had no intention of writing about this wine, I had gobs of notes about the reds we tasted and yet here I am writing about this wine. Its funny what wine sticks with you and I for one figure if a wine doesn’t stay compelling on your mind for over a week it is probably not worth it. Since I brought the wine home Lisa and I have reached for it far more than any other whites I have in the chiller. It is one of the most compelling Rieslings I have had in a long time, and for that matter one of the most compelling white wines. Certainly there are more complex Rieslings, certainly there are dryer, sweeter, higher acidity, etc…

Schloss Reinharthausen is a pretty big estate on the Rhine. This is no small farm house 100 case production wine. It is just that everything has come together for this bottling quite perfectly and it is a great Riesling of the higher class with no frills. Distinctly Riesling fruit and yet the mouth feel and finish remind me of a good Loire Sauv Blanc. It cleans the palate and is refreshing every glass of the bottle.This is hard to do with Riesling at this price, it either condenses on your palate and cloys to a dumbness as you drink or it pings you with acidity leaching all of the saliva out of your jaw and leaving your mouth with that 9 volt battery feeling.

Leave all of those Riesling moments behind you. The Schloss Reinharthausen 2007 Old Vine Riesling is good to the last glass. This is a tremendous food wine, think Thai, spicy seafood dishes or hearty potato based meals, trout or chicken, anything really. The wine is exceptional on its own as well. This is just a dang good Riesling whether you are getting into it for the first time or realize that you have socially profiled the grape and need to open your mind once again to the possibility that it is amazingly delicious. This bottling is amazingly delicious.

I place this wine on a par with any great white wine we have offered this summer in its class, the Quincy, The Sancerre, the Givry Blanc, the Cour Cheverny, The Alvarhino, The Chards. All I can say is if you are looking for a great white wine right now, I have had few greater in the price point.

Schloss Reinharthausen 2007 Old Vine Riesling
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