A Refined Pinot Noir

A Refined Pinot Noir

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This is the wine I wish I could drink everyday. At least right now. But truly every time I encounter a good one I want to buy cases of the stuff and hoard it and always have it to enlighten my mood as needed. The wine is Alsatian Pinot Noir and good ones can be sublime, offering some of the strongest nuances attained by the varietal.

The general characteristics to look for are a certain smokiness like the smoke of well made bacon. There is a woodsy quality and the wine strikes you as the sort of thing you would want to be drinking with a homemade pate sandwich in the forest while taking a break from trapping small birds, chopping wood or hunting pheasant. The fruit is not heavy but I do not understand the desire for heavy Pinot Noir anyway. Like a solid Cote Du Beaune the fruit is fully ripe and lengthy balancing the nuances and presenting a refined palate that exults the senses when properly considered.

There is very little Alsatian Pinot Noir imported into the States. Out of those imported I have noted only three producers who make consistent Pinot Noir to be sought after at all cost. One of those producers is no longer represented in Virginia, the second one is no longer providing Pinot Noir in its portfolio and the third is this one here. Domaine Pfister is a leading natural wine producer in Alsace. The quality of their wines across the board has been stunning over the last five years.

I recommend this wine to everyone as a deal changer for unsuspecting dinner guests. This is the sort of wine that will elevate a fine dinner into something transcendent. One should almost create a meal around the flavor profiles here, the correct combination will evoke greatness on an 18th century Versaillian level. It is a pity that Alsatian Pinot Noir is never priced in the everyday usage level but I implore all Pinot Noir drinkers to sample a bottle of this and widen the spectrum of experience available from the noblest grape of them all. Those who seek out the complexity end of the spectrum will be unable to find themselves without some of this in their stock at all times.

An Old World Geek Wine of the highest order of which I give my highest recommendation.

2008 Domaine Pfister, Pinot Noir Reserve
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